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Title: Sexcation
Author: Heidi McLaughlin
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 24 Aug 2017
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

He’s British.
She’s American.

They meet on vacation.
And agree to fake name each other.

One is lying about everything.
The other is telling the truth.

They’re about to embark on a sexcation.
But what happens when it’s over?


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One week – fake identities – irresistible chemistry – the vacation of a lifetime – a fantasy come to life – paradise – the only thing that could ruin it would be to fall in love ♥

Jade and Jackson are on a weeks vacation to a tropical paradise to get away from the pressures of their real lives for a short time. Instinctively drawn to each other more than just the physical from first glance. It would seem the universe is conspiring to bring them together, making them neighbours in adjoining rooms and sharing a balcony. Followed by an elaborate rescue of Jackson from the clutches of three barracudas leading to an arrangement of a fake relationship for the duration of their vacation under the guise of keeping the predators away from Jackson.

Jade suffers from low self-esteem stemming from the bullying she endured during her teens as a result of her parent’s occupation and exasperated by her Ex labelling her as frigid 🙁 Jade needs to take ownership of her sensuality, something Jackson is more than willing to help her with.

Jackson is a workaholic, entrenched in the expansion of his family business and embarking on a new venture. There are hints within the narrative as to his upbringing and social status, as well as clues to the nature of the family business.

Jade and Jackson have so much in common from favourite breakfast foods to family responsibilities’ the more time they spend together the more they realise that they may have met the one person who is destined for them. However, both are afraid of rejection and instead of confronting their feelings and each other, they both hide behind the rules they have set for themselves – a prison of their own making.

Returning to their real lives is bittersweet, as they both realise they desperately want to be with the other for more than just a vacation. However, they have no way of contacting the other, not even a last name or home town. Although fate has other plans in store for Jade and Jackson, bringing them together in dramatic fashion and in more than one way. They really were destined to meet and fall in love ♥ Unfortunately, Jackson’s business and the source of Jade’s teen angst are the same, challenging Jade’s outlook on both the business and the way in which she views it. Can they overcome the large barrier that has been erected between them or will Jackson be able to help Jade slay her demons once and for all?

I completely adored both Jackson and Jade, their character is brilliantly portrayed brought to life with their interactions not only with each other but the trials and tribulations they endure with friends and family.

While the characters are endearing, it is the romance within Sexcation that is guaranteed to sweep you off your feet. If someone would like to sponsor a vacation for me to a tropical paradise to find my own happily ever after please let me know 😉