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Title: Good Girl Gone Badd
Series: Badd Brothers #4
Author: Jasinda Wilder
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 4 Aug 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Evangeline du Maurier is the definition of a good girl. Attending Yale, raised with the best tutors and etiquette instructors, she’s expected to toe the family line and be a trophy wife for a future senator. But when this good girl takes a quick getaway to clear her head, she finds a whole lot more than she’d bargained for. She finds herself in the arms of a bad boy.

Baxter Badd.

Big, hard-drinking, and as rough and demanding in bed as he is out of it, Bax may be the baddest brother yet.


Evangeline (Eva) has been dictated to her entire life, having to live by the rules of her domineering, power-hungry politician father even down to the man she is to marry. In an attempt to gain a little freedom while she can, Evangeline runs away and straight into trouble.  Saved by an unlikely hero in the form of Baxter Badd.

While Bax’s physical presence is intimidating, his playful personality and protective nature puts Eva at ease. More than that she is instinctively drawn to him, recognising the hidden parts of herself in Bax on an unconscious level.

The attraction between Eva and Bax sets the pages on fire, their compatibility, especially in the bedroom, is unexpected due to the assumptions you would make based on Eva’s prim and proper exterior and upbringing. The cliche ‘a lady in the street, a Hellcat between the sheets’ perfectly fits Eva but only when she is with Bax. The trust and sense of safety Eva experiences only with Bax allows her to fulfil her (many) desires 😉

There is much more to Bax than he lets people see, his dedication to his career and his devotion to his family are all hidden by his intimidating size and fun loving persona causing a lot of people to underestimate him.  I loved watching the cracks in his armour start to appear with every interaction he has with Eva.

I adored the way in which Eva fit into the Badd clan effortlessly, she simply belonged. However, the intensity of their passion and emotions brewing between Bax and Eva scares them both, creating an unvoiced aspiration for a more permanent/secure bond to be established between them. I chuckled at Bax questioning the way in which the Badd boys are falling like dominoes in order of age 😆

With her family and everything they entail hot on Eva’s heels – can Eva shed her life of privilege to make her own path with Bax???? Will Bax be able to come to terms with his feelings for Eva before he loses her forever???? Jasinda keeps you guessing all the way in Good Girl Gone Badd – but you should know once you go Badd you can’t go back 😉