Received from Enticing Book Journey

Title: Glamour Anthology
Author: Skye Warren, AL Jackson, Sophie Jordan, Aleatha Romig, Lili St. Germain, Nora Flite, Sierra Simone and Nicola Rendell
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 18 July 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Once upon a time…

Remember the fairy tales your parents read to you when you were little?

These are NOT those fairy tales.

From modern day royalty to metaphorical dragons, contemporary castles to sexy heroes, these bestselling authors twist tales as old as time into something new.

GLAMOUR contains eight exclusive never-before-seen novellas that each have an HEA… because they all lived happily ever after.



MUSIC BOX GIRL by Sierra Simone – A Twelve Dancing Princesses story – This one skated a fine line for me because of the age of the ballerinas portrayed. It’s a twisted, kinky story that pushes boundaries.

RIPPLES by Aleatha Romig – A Prince and the Pauper story – another one that is dark and twisted. Dominant to the excess, kidnapping, BDSM, control, possible Stockholm syndrome.

BEDTIME STORY by Skye Warren – A Sleeping Beauty story – fast paced story touching on mafia connections, blood debts, and human trafficking as well as domestic abuse. Bad guy turned good. Insta-love. A Very abrupt ending which did actually leave me wanting to know what would happen next.

ROYAL MATTRESS by Nicola Rendell – A Princess and the Pea story – a cute and quirky story of an exiled royal family, a wiccan kooky grandmother searching for a princess and a damsel in distress. Lots of fun puns in this one as well as hot action.

IN A STRANGER’S BED by Sophie Jordan – A Goldilocks story – An American tourist finds herself lost on the Scottish Highland after taking her honeymoon trip alone. Taking shelter from a storm in a quaint cottage, she encounters the hottest sheep farmer on the planet. An intense night of passion leads to a life neither could have imagined. Swoon-worthy ♥ Rounded out nicely with the inclusion of an epilogue.

BROKEN HARP by Nora Flite – A Jack and the Beanstalk story – very clever inclusion of the key elements of the original fairy-tale including the use of the green beans, the giant, the golden goose and magical singing. However, this one again pushes the boundaries but without going into detail. Bad men do bad things and revenge can come in many forms. I loved the characters but not the delve into the depravity of child abuse.

KNOT by Lili St. Germain – A Rapunzel story – dark and twisted – involving drug overlords with a penchant for control, dominance and young girls. Grooming, conditioning, and imprisonment all play a part alongside a knight in medical armor.

RED HOT PURSUIT by A.L. Jackson – A Little Red Riding Hood story – Absolutely loved this one. Redd and Wolfe are adversaries in a legal battle for an old building that means the world to Lillith (Redd). Although they have not met in person there is a connection between them, the thrill of competing against an equal. Cue a random encounter with no names and the connection deepens to intimacy. However, Wolfe is battling his own war against the person he should be closest to but has spent most of his life trying to claw his way out of his father’s tainted shadow, Wolfe and Redd make one heck of a partnership where the thrill of the chase never diminishes.