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Title: Tied
Series: Imperfect Love World
Author: Kim Karr
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 6 June 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

It was an instant attraction—never meant to be more than a quick lay.

I was single, rich, and connected, which meant a steady diet of beautiful women wherever I went.
I really did think I had the perfect life.
Until I went and married a supermodel I’d just met, and everything changed.

The word annulment meant giving her up, and I never give up anything—not willingly anyway.
But I was a bachelor at heart, and having a wife, well, I didn’t really know what to do with that.
After only forty-eight hours of marriage, I had already gone and screwed everything up.

Now I have thirty days to prove to my new wife that I’m husband material. There’s only one problem—I don’t even know what husband material means. But I’m certain that won’t stop me from excelling at it.

My wife tells me it isn’t going to be easy. That I have numerous issues to overcome.

First, there’s my jealousy. It needs to be tamed. Did I flip over the fact that her latest picture was causing men around the world to do dirty things all over the covers she graces? Hell, yes. I couldn’t help myself though. When her photo went viral, my caveman instincts kicked in, and I demanded she quit her job and stay home—barefoot and pregnant in my kitchen. I can work on that, right?

Then there’s my mother. I need to convince her that my new wife is not the money hungry floozy she called her. Did my mother actually call her that? Yes. I can’t help it that my mother wants me to get rid of my new wife. The problem is what my mother wants, she always gets one way or another. Still, turning my mother’s opinion around can’t be that hard, can it?

There are many other issues, but according to my new wife, those are minor compared to the biggest one—she says I will never be able to accept being tied down.

Don’t worry, I got this one. I intend to prove to her in no uncertain terms that being tied up, down, or horizontal is just what this Upper East Sider needs.


Love at first sight, insta-lust and the idea that soul-mates really exist all play a role in Tied.

When James first sets eyes on Lindsay at a party his whole world is flipped upside down. He know she is meant for him, in a forever way he hasn’t encountered or even wanted before. Now he just has to convince Lindsay. What better way than to whisk her off to Vegas with his friends, get her drunk and then marry her 😉

I adored Lindsay who was surprisingly down-to-earth for a model, Having entered into a modelling career in order to help provide for her family, she is far more than her good looks, she also has a heart of gold. Which James instinctively recognises.

I struggled a little with James, mainly because the story assumes the reader has already encountered him via Toxic and are therefore, familiar with his background, friends and their group dynamics. Unfortunately, this is one of the books I have yet to read by Kim and not knowing the background details to James did impact the connection or lack thereof I was able to form with him.

I really liked the way in which the relationship between James and Lindsay played out. Although they jumped feet first into commitment, it absolutely worked for them. When your heart recognises it’s other half there is nothing that can stop it from joining the two pieces together. That is exactly how I felt about James and Lindsay, it didn’t matter that they had only known each other for a matter of hours. They belonged together ♥