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Title: Roommates with Benefits
Author: Nicole Williams
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 19 May 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Soren Decker. He’s the epitome of the “bad boy, good man” persona. The best of both worlds. The worst of them too. He’s the type of guy most girls wouldn’t mind sharing a confined space with, except my new roommate isn’t all swagger and chiseled abs.

He’s bossy. Messy. Cocky. Infuriating. Doesn’t believe in personal space. Has no qualms about roaming the apartment with a loincloth-sized towel cinched around his waist. Seems under the delusion he’s my personal protector (refer back to infuriating). He plays college baseball and holds down a part-time job—I don’t know where he finds the time to get on my nerves.

We have nothing in common . . . except our attraction to one another. And in six hundred square feet of shared space, the tension only has so much room to grow before one of us gives in to temptation. But really, what chance do a couple of young kids chasing their dreams in the big city have of making it?

Since Soren claims I know squat about sports (he might have a semi-point), here’s a stat for him—one in a million. That’s our odds.


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I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, Nicole Williams does good guys like no-one else; Soren Decker is no exception. Playful, passionate and protective, Soren is the whole shebang as well as a huge slob, lol. I especially adored his creative use of wording, open to interpretation and generally interpreted far from the reality he has contorted with his words.

It is this creative vocabulary that brings Hayden into Soren’s life as his new roommate. Hayden is a small-town girl lured to the big city when she was spotted my a scout for a modelling agency. Determined to succeed in order to help her struggling mother and sisters and escape the shackles the town placed on her life and confidence. Her unique beauty may have got her noticed as a model but it also created it’s share of torment for Hayden growing up.

Hayden and Soren are very much alike with their determination to follow their dreams, hard working, loyal and family orientated. they quickly settle into life as roomies while navigating the attraction that is ever present between them. I loved the easy, comfortable way Soren and Hayden were with each other from the very beginning. Although I would have liked to see Soren’s thoughts as well as Hayden’s.

The pacing is steady throughout with the minimum amount of angst. Although Nicole does tackle some of the negative aspects of a career in modelling within the narrative, including the insults, criticism and often nefarious intentions of those in power.

Problems only arise as Soren and Hayden navigate their way through to their dream careers and in the form of emotional damage caused in the past that hasn’t been dealt with or even acknowledged. Nicole takes us on a journey of self-discovery alongside Hayden with the added benefit of Soren and his swoon inducing presence.

While it is Hayden’s character development that is the basis of Roommates with Benefits, for me Soren stole the show and my heart along with it.