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Title: Last Chance
Series: Vegas Heat #3
Author: Erika Wilde
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 22 June 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 3.5/5

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As the Executive Casino Hostess for The Onyx in Las Vegas, Valerie Downing is always on the lookout for the night’s biggest winners. When she spots a man―one of the sexiest she’s ever laid eyes on―generating huge excitement at the craps table, she knows she’s in luck. Her goal: To make sure the high rollers stay at her hotel, and that any further gambling is invested right back into the casino. His aim: To enjoy some other “perks” that Valerie might have to offer…

Turns out Chase Pierson is already a VIP guest who happens to be working with Valerie’s boss on a top-secret mission for the Reliance Group―one for which she too has been recruited because of her psychic abilities. But Valerie, bold and gorgeous as she is, is first and foremost a professional. No fraternizing with Onyx clientele is her motto…except this hard-bodied, infuriatingly charming client is tempting her to break all the rules.

LAST CHANCE contains light paranormal elements (heroine has psychic abilities)

Originally published as THROUGH THE NIGHT by Janelle Denison, March 2012

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I am so disappointed this is the last book in the series, I was absolutely desperate for a story between Skye and Caleb but alas this does not seem to be although Erika has teased us with snippets of both of these characters through the Vegas Heat series. I would also liked to have seen a little more of the previous characters featured in the story as a way of providing a sense of closure. Instead I am left yearning to learn more – probably a good way for an author to know they have created memorable characters.

We have met Valerie on a number of occasions through the Vegas Heat series, resident clairvoyant and general situation smoother. Valerie has a large capacity for affection yet tends to keep herself very guarded due to the experiences in her past. Her gift has often left her with guilt and regret she carries with her as armour. Raised by her aunt and uncle from a young age, she has always know love and acceptance even if she purposefully maintained distance between herself and others.

Chase is a treasure hunter with a rare gift of being able to read the history of objects at a touch. Paired with Valerie to track down an artefact belonging to Al Capone for the owner of the Onyx Casino at which Valerie works. Unlike Valerie, Chase has not had the best family support especially after he gained his gift via an accident involving a lightning strike and the death of his best friend. Luckily, Chase has his grandparents to provide the support and nurturing he was lacking from his own parents who were more interested in social status than their own child. Chase also has a high level of survivors guilt that he translated into adrenaline rush activities throwing his mortality into the hands of fate.

The connection between Chase and Valerie is quite literally electric, with a connection that defies logic enhanced by their individual gifts. I loved the inclusion of Valerie’s re-occurring dream about her soul-mate within the narrative, adding to the undeniable bond and enhancing the romance between Chase and Valerie.

The thriller elements within Last Chance were cleverly incorporated and provided the basis for the connection between Valerie and Chase to flourish. The inclusion of fascinating titbits of information about Al Capone added to the story as a whole.

I did feel the ending was a little abrupt and would have liked to have seen an epilogue to know what the future held in store for Valerie and Chase.