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Title: Cheeky
Series: Imperfect Love World
Author: Natasha Madison
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 6 June 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Bradley Fitch has it all. A suave job, a gigantic trust fund, and an accent that makes panties drop faster than the speed of light. His new life in New York City is fast-paced and furious, but it’s nothing a little getaway can’t cure.

What says party and unwind like Las Vegas? Nothing. Plus, whatever happens there has to stay there.

When his best friend bails, he finds himself sitting on the plane next to his best friend’s sister.

She’s off-limits—proverbial caution tape wrapped around her body. Of course, she’s also totally ball busting gorgeous.

Lexi Quinn fell in love with Bradley at eight years old and then vowed to kill him at eight and a half. What was supposed to be a romantic week away is turning into a nightmare. Her ex is actually married, her luggage is lost, and her reservation is cancelled. And she’s sitting next to the man she swore to hate forever

One week. No strings attached. What is the worst that could happen?

It’s all fun and games till this British bad boy gives new meaning to BBC and becomes a little bit too cheeky.


I was so excited to learn that Sterling’s (The Fix Up) little sister (Lexi) and best friend (Bradley) got their own story. Even better they got a story together!!!!!

Lexi has recently discovered that she has been completely duped by a married douche-bag; determined to make the best of a bad situation she decides to go on the Vegas trip they had planned together, and maybe enjoy a rebound fling as a side benefit.

Unfortunately, nothing goes according to plan. Fate places Lexi on the same flight to Vegas as her brothers best friend and teenage crush, Bradley. A number of disasters lead to Lexi sharing Bradley’s rather sumptuous room *waggles eyebrows* With little space between them there is no stopping the riot of hormones from taking control of their vacation. What is the worse that could happen with a weeks no-strings attached fun. Well they could rekindle every emotion they had ever had between them and make Lexi and Bradley confront their true feelings for each other. Unfortunately, only one half of the dynamic duo is mature enough to be able to deal with the emotions that are threatening to engulf them.

Everything just sort of clicks for Lexi and Bradley, I really liked the way in which Bradley is able to pull his head from his bottom to ensure they reach a happily ever after they both deserve.

I have to mention I particularly enjoyed the description of alcohol induced superpowers – dancing queen/superstar/karate kid/ninja to name but a few.