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Title: Somehow, Some Way
Series: Billionaire Builders #2.5
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 30 May 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Bolivar Randy Heart (aka Brady) knows exactly what he wants next in life: the perfect wife. Raised in a strict traditional family household, he seeks a woman who is sweet, conservative, and eager to settle down. With his well-known protective and dominant streak, he needs a woman to offer him balance in a world where he relishes control.

Too bad the newly hired, gorgeous, rehab addict is blasting through all his preconceptions and wrecking his ideals…one nail at a time…

Charlotte Flowers knows who she is and refuses to apologize. Growing up poor made her appreciate the simple things in life, and her new job at Pierce Brothers Construction is perfect to help her carve out a career in renovating houses. When an opportunity to transform a dilapidated house in a dangerous neighborhood pops up, she goes in full throttle. Unfortunately, she’s forced to work with the firm’s sexy architect who’s driving her crazy with his archaic views on women.

Too bad he’s beginning to tempt her to take a chance on more than just work…one stroke at a time…

Somehow, some way, they need to work together to renovate a house without killing each other…or surrendering to the white-hot chemistry knocking at the front door.


Brady and Charlotte (Charlie) appear to be complete opposites and it isn’t just the 10 year age difference that creates the problems between the pair. Brady’s control issues versus Charlie’s creative vision fuel the fire but it is the underlying attraction between them that really ramps up the temperature. Both Brady and Charlie have very clear cut ideas about relationships and gender roles which they tend to project onto each other, resulting in a lot of hormone driven animosity,

Forced into working together under the guise of keeping Charlie safe in the risky neighborhood she has purchased a house to flip adds to their attraction but also allows the other to glimpse beyond the fog of antagonism. Obviously, the hormones cannot be denied, Charlie and Brady make a pact to quench their desire while working on the house together. Noting that their basic values for relationships have not changed.

I seriously could have shaken Brady for his antiquared view on relationships – seriously who thinks as id they still live in the 50’s where women are the weaker sex and need to be taken care of. Blah, blah, blah. Basing his viewpoint on his parent’s marriage and his father’s obvious patriarchal role within his family.  However, he hasn’t discussed the family dynamics with his parents to truly understand their relationship. While Brady is convinced he wants a ‘little woman’ to marry and raise a family, he has been unable to commit to any of the women he has dated that fit these criteria.

Charlie challenges Brady on a daily basis yet he connects with her more than anyone else, making him take a long hard look at his preconceived notions of his ideal woman.

Somehow, Some Way shows you have to embrace true happiness when it comes along even if it isn’t at all what you expected ♥