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Title: Sex in the Sticks
Series: Love Hurts #1
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Publisher: Loveswept
Publication Date: 2 May 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Valentine French may be the sassiest dating columnist in New York City, but the abundance of metrosexuals in her adopted metropolis is seriously cramping her style. Where are the beefy all-American boys? Hoping to find some inspiration, Val heads to Alaska, where the men outnumber the women fifteen to one and wrestle grizzly bears for sport. Or so she can only imagine. Suddenly the most eligible bachelorette in a town full of horny lumberjacks, Val is writing her best columns ever. But if she doesn’t get her nose out of her laptop, she just might miss out on Mr. Right.

Logan Burke is the sheriff of the little podunk town that Val finds so charmingly backward. He’s not that different from the guys she’s using for her little experiment; it’s just that one date would never be enough for Logan. As he listens to Val complain about love over beers in the local tavern, he realizes that she can’t see the forest for the trees. Because if she would ever give up her Prada bags and fourteen-dollar martinis, Logan would give her the only luxury that matters: his heart.

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What happens when a Manhattan Socialite tries her luck at dating in a small town in Alaska!!!!

Valentine French, Manhattan Princess and Dating/Coitus Blogger is fed up with the narcissistic metrosexuals she attracts in New York so when her cousin and best friend suggests a change of scenery she jumps at the opportunity to gain new material for her successful blog, Valentine’s Couch.

Initial impressions would infer that Valentine is spoilt and pampered with no consideration for other people. Her parents have been absentee for the majority of her life, only interacting with her to either parade her like a show pony or to reprimand her about her life choices, especially her blog. It is soon apparent that while Valentine does have rather a shallow lifestyle, she is down-to-earth with a heart of gold. She draws people to her with her innate kindness and generosity.

Valentine arrives in Alaska she is completely unprepared for the wilderness and without any form of transport, to be saved by the local Chief of Police, Logan, on more than one of occasion.

While Logan and Valentine are complete opposites, from the way they grew up to their current outlook on life, there is no denying the attraction sizzling between them or the ease in which they come together.

Being in Alaska gives Valentine a whole new perspective on life and especially what she wants to achieve out of it. It also makes her reconsider her juicy blog posts and how it could impact other people, Something she has never thought of beyond her own bubble of annoying her parents. I loved Valentine’s character development while still maintaining her uniqueness, her optimism and thirst for life added to her appeal. I especially liked the ‘tequila made me do it’ sentiment within the narrative.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all smooth sailing between Valentine and Logan especially when her actions with regard to her blog posts create consequences and repercussions Valentine hadn’t considered. I loved how everyone came together to help Valentine and the new path she undertakes thanks to her time in Alaska.

Sex in the Sticks proves that not only can opposites attract but they can bring out the best in each other.

With the ration of 15 men to every woman in Alaska who else is thinking a trip there would be well worth while 😉