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Title: Wardrobe Malfunction
Author: Samantha Towle
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 18 Feb 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Author

From New York Times bestselling author, Samantha Towle, comes a new standalone romantic comedy.

Vaughn West, Hollywood heartthrob, has been at the top of his game for years. He thinks he’s untouchable—until a betrayal brings him spiraling down. Now, everyone pities him, and if there’s one thing Vaughn hates, it’s pity.

After a few months of working his way through every available actress, pop star, model, and waitress in California, Vaughn needs to get his life back on track and focus on what he does best—making hit movies.

Charlotte Michaels is in love. Just not with one person.

Louis Vuitton…

Christian Dior…



And the list goes on.

Sadly, Charly’s limited bank account doesn’t allow her those luxuries, and the closest she gets are lucky finds in charity shops and working closely with some of those names in her job as a wardrobe assistant.

Now, Charly has landed the mother of all jobs—working on the new Vaughn West movie. Excited doesn’t even cut it.

Only things don’t go as planned, and it turns out that Vaughn is actually a jerk. A hot jerk, but a jerk nonetheless.

So, why do their clothes keep falling off whenever they’re around each other? And why can’t Charly keep her mind in the closet and off Vaughn?

Getting mixed up with a smart-mouthed, fashion-obsessed wardrobe assistant is the last thing Vaughn needs.

Getting mixed up with an arrogant, self-centered, obnoxious, jumped-up actor who has a lack of respect for fashion is the last thing Charly needs.

Things are about to get hot, dirty, and messy in Hollywood. Very messy. Especially if Charly’s closely guarded secret falls out of her closet.

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Vaughn is essential a nice guy under all the movie star hype, unfortunately, Vaughn is caught in a media circus when his girlfriend and best friend betray him. As if that wasn’t bad enough the affair is outed on national television creating further drama-llama for Vaughn. Vaughn doesn’t take the betrayal very well, the loss of his best friend and the trust between them cuts him deeply and affects him more than he realises. Prompting a three-month pity party of loose women and free-flowing alcohol and inhibitions. Until he jeopardises his career with his wild ways, promising to clean up his act, Vaughn is loyal and faithful at his core, he just needs to reestablish his believe in himself and those he lets close to him. However, the betrayal has lasting ramifications in the way in which Vaughn hides his vulnerability, focusing on public perception as opposed to his own happiness.

Charly is a wardrobe assistant brought onto the production of Vaughn’s latest endeavour at the last-minute due to lack of decorum on the behalf of the previous assistant. Although Charly may have a slight crush on Vaughn before she meets him. She is a quirky person with a sunshine personality, although her initial encounters with Vaughn certainly test her ability to find the best in people. I shrieked laughing at the incident resulting in Charly gaining the nickname Pins. There are hints to skeletons in Charly’s closet that can alter the opinions others hold of her. Reference to a previous relationship infers it may be the key to uncovering her secrets.

I loved watching the relationship between Vaughn and Charly develop. From the beginning where Vaughn is amused (and other a words) by pushing Charly’s buttons to the way in which they simply fit together so perfectly, with a lot of embarrassing mishaps woven in.

Charly’s lack of family has influenced a lot of her decisions. She is one of the kindest, caring people you could ever wish to meet. Willing to sacrifice her own happiness to help those she cares about. However, the lack of disclosure is the true problem when her secret is uncovered. Revelations provide clarity and are easy to understand, yet, Charly’s hesitancy in opening up to Vaughn is the crux of the problem. I have tried to put myself in the same situation and am not sure I would have handled it any differently to Charly.

Ultimately, Wardrobe Malfunction shows you have to live life for yourself and the things that make you happy rather than what other people think of your choices. Family and friends matter more than media perception.