We are delighted to welcome Katherine and Elizabeth Corr today as part of The Witch’s Tears blog tour to share their experience of writing together.

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Writing with your sister – not once, but twice!

So, we decided to sit down and have a chat about writing together. And below is the no-holds-barred, gloves-off result….

Kate: We started writing together accidently.  The first book we finished together (still unpublished) was one you started alone. Why didn’t you finish it alone?

Liz: Two small children seemed to take up a lot of my time, surprisingly enough! At least I’d written part of a novel. What was your excuse? I remember reading some dodgy poetry you wrote as a teenager, but after that….

Kate: I wrote stuff! I just never finished any of it. Never got anywhere close to finishing any of it, apart from a few short stories. I wrote a lot of beginnings of novels, but I’m basically a bit lazy, to be honest. It’s a lot easier now I have someone else motivating me. And you must admit, it’s more fun writing together. What’s your favourite thing about writing with me?

Liz: The sheer amount of stuff you know! You were very thorough in your research of Anglo-Saxon times. I remember the BIG DEBATE you had with yourself as to whether they had rabbits back then or whether rabbits were imported later by the Normans. Working with you is literally a learning experience. What’s your favourite thing? If you had to pick just one (there being so many – probably)?

Kate: You make me laugh. You always have done; I’ve still got the hilarious letters you wrote to me while I was at university. I think if we spent any more time writing in the same actual room we’d never get anything done – there’d be too much giggling. So, what’s your least favourite thing? What do I do that drives you insane?

Liz: You are always correcting my grammar. Although you’re usually right, it can be really annoying. And you’re a bit bossy in an older sibling kind of way and you often think your ideas are better… What about you? I mean, it’s just about conceivable that there’s something I do that drives you absolutely insane…

Kate: You know that answer to this already: it’s your complete and utter disregard for the use of commas. That, and your occasional tendency to let our characters just witter on endlessly without ever getting to the point…

Liz: Yeah, I get the picture.

Kate: But having said that, I think it would be rather lonely writing alone. Do you think anything was different writing The Witch’s Tears compared to The Witch’s Kiss?

Liz: I think I felt a least a little bit more confident that we knew what we were doing. By the time we’d got to the later edits, we knew people were really enjoying The Witch’s Kiss, so it gave me the confidence to further develop Merry and Leo’s story. Plus we had an editor we could run ideas past. So, it was a pretty different experience from when we wrote the first book, huddled over our laptops in our respective kitchens…

Kate: Yes, that’s true. I think we both had more confidence. And then it felt different because we already had a publisher, and a deadline. It was more stressful in some ways, but also more straightforward. So, do you want to keep going, then? Write some more books together? You know, providing you promise to use some commas?

Liz: Yeah, alright. As long as you give me ALL the royalties. It’s a deal.

Kate: Ok. I’m not putting that in writing, though.

Liz: You know this whole conversation is going to be published on a website, right?

Kate: Oh. Damn…

Received from Publisher

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