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Title: Hooked on Trouble
Series: Over the Top #3
Author: Kelly Siskind
Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: 10 Jan 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Reality bites. Hard.

The last time Raven did “real” was sixteen months ago, when she spent one unforgettable night with the tattooed, impossibly sexy Nico, and then he disappeared the next day. Since then, she’s kept her guard up and her feelings to herself. She doesn’t have time for relationship drama when she’s busy searching for her long lost sister.

Nico hasn’t stopped thinking about Raven—her sultry curves, inked skin, and the fact that he ditched her after their night together. Now that they’re living in the same city, he knows this is his chance to make things right. What better way to prove to Raven he’s for real than helping her find her sister? But when the lines between right and wrong start to blur, putting his job on the line, Nico has to decide if the risk is worth the ultimate reward.


The last couple standing, raven and Nico, get their turn in centre stage.

Both Raven and Nico had less than stellar childhoods resulting in a myriad of issues, yet ultimately both craving a deep connection and love in their lives. While their backgrounds are very similar, Nico has always been able to rely on the love he receives from his mother and siblings whereas Raven lost the only person to care about her when she was nine years old, her sister, Rose.

Neither, Nico or Raven, has been able to forget the other since their night together in Aspen. Unfortunately, family obligations prevented Nico from pursuing Raven. Although they haven’t been together Nico hasn’t been able to look at anyone else in Raven’s place. Even though Nico has a habit of falling hard and fast then losing interest, it is clear there is something different in the way he feels about Raven.

Raven feels like she has a void in her life where there should be someone to care about her and vice-versa. Little realising she has more than enough affection in her friends, Shay and Chloe. In attempt to fill the void Raven embarks on a quest to find her long-lost sister. Projecting her picture perfect sibling relationship onto a person she hasn’t interacted with for most of her life, leading to brutal discoveries but also into the realisation and appreciation of the things she does have in her life.

Nico also has some personal growth to tackle, especially his unrealistic expectations and values her places on people in an effort to maintain control in his personal life. He has to realise there are grey areas that may not necessarily fit into his black and white viewpoint.

Nico and Raven quite simply FIT; being together acts as a rock providing security, comfort and a measure of peace in their crazy lives.

Hooked on Trouble ties up the series beautifully with a glimpse at what the future brings for all of the three couples featured in Over the Top, giving a wonderful sense of completion and personal involvement 🙂