Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title: Everywhere and Every Way
Series: Billionaire Builders #1
Author: Jennifer Probst
Publisher: Gallery Books
Publication Date: 31 May 2016
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Ever the responsible eldest brother, Caleb Pierce started working for his father’s luxury contracting business at a young age, dreaming of one day sitting in the boss’s chair. But his father’s will throws a wrench in his plans by stipulating that Caleb share control of the family business with his two estranged brothers.

Things only get more complicated when demanding high-end home designer Morgan hires Caleb to build her a customized dream house that matches her specifications to a T—or she’ll use her powerful connections to poison the Pierce brothers’ reputation. Not one to ignore a challenge, Caleb vows to get the job done—if only he can stop getting distracted by his new client’s perfect…amenities.

But there’s more to icy Morgan than meets the eye. And Caleb’s not the only one who knows how to use a stud-finder. In fact, Morgan is pretty sure she’s found hers—and he looks quite enticing in a hard hat. As sparks fly between Morgan and Caleb despite his best intentions not to mix business and pleasure, will she finally warm up and help him lay the foundation for everlasting love?


The Billionaire Builders series focuses on three estranged brothers forced into working together for a specific time period in order to retain their family business following the sudden death of their callous father. Not only do they have to work together for a year but they also have to live together in their family home. It’s like the final act of control from beyond the grave.

The third person narrative is essential in working through events in the present as well as the issues between them from the past. Each brother’s personality is showcased within the narrative, laying the foundation for the series. The Pierce brothers carry a mountain of emotional baggage that affects their interactions.

However, it is Caleb, the oldest brother, that has his turn in the spotlight in Everywhere and Every Way. Despite having an emotionally bankrupt father, Caleb is a complete softie as witnessed by his interaction with the dogs he has rescued.  Concerned with retaining his business reputation and making the necessary profit within the timeframe stipulated in their father’s will. He is in no way prepared for the hurricane in the form of Morgan, interior designer/project manager to the stars, to come into his life and alter it beyond recognition.

The chemistry between Morgan and Caleb is instantaneous, a mix of sassy and feisty, that ignites a fire between them. The narrative is full of fun innuendo with seemingly innocent word choices taking on a whole new meaning when used in the context shown here, lol.

The story weaves together the budding romance between Morgan and Caleb; the three brothers opening up to each other and working through the myriad of difference there are wedged between them; revelations regarding past events leading to the discord between the brothers;  speculation regarding previous relationships as well as the everyday drama of building a dream home for someone. There really is a lot going on between the pages of Everywhere and Every Way. Nostalgic flashbacks show happier times between the brothers adding insight into their relationship and providing hope that they can repair the rift between them.

Morgan also has some revelations of her own, utterly heartbreaking for someone so young, it made me want to wrap her up and protect her from the world. Having been through a similar situation it was easy to relate to Morgan’s feelings of inadequacy and her insecurities resulting from the not only her situation but other people’s reactions to it.

I have a feeling Everywhere and Every Way has only just scratched the surface of the revelations surrounding the Pierce brothers. I am looking forward to confirming my suspicions 😉