I cannot tell you how excited I am for this book – seriously a NA re-imagining of Helen and Paris (SQUEE) and to top that off Nazarea agreed to pick the song of the month to go alongside the release of Stardust Destiny – how awesome is that  😆

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Stardust Destiny is a modern, erotic retelling of Helen of Troy and Paris. It’s all about forbidden love, and wanting something—someone—you can’t have, and the consequences of that kind of love. I love this song that admits it’s not smart—that there’s pain and no guarantee of a happily ever after. And that, even despite knowing that, it’s pointless to argue because—the heart wants what it wants. It’s very much Ileana and Paris.

Received from InkSlingerPR

Received from InkSlingerPR

The face that launched a thousand ships…

I grew up knowing my destiny. Daddy pounded it in my head, my brother repeated it every day of my life. I was the only daughter of the Orsi crime syndicate, the pretty prize that would bring peace. My one job was to marry Callum Sheehan, the vicious head of the Irish mob in Chicago.
I never questioned my future–until I saw him.

The man who was never meant to love her…

I wasn’t going to the wedding. It’s shit that my brother does, things our father requires of the heir of the Sosa cartel. Not me. I’m the black sheep, the one Mama spoiled, and my father loves, but without the pressure of expectation. But Sheehan is too big a deal for me to blow off.
And then I see her.

The love that started a war…

She isn’t mine. She will never be mine. I watch her fall apart when she thinks no one is watching. I watch her marry another man. I watch her bravery. And I don’t care who she belongs to or that it will start a war between our families.
I will damn us both to possess her, and burn down the world to keep her.

Stardust Destiny Excerpt

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