Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads

Title: Demon Road
Series: Demon Road #1
Author: Derek Landy
Publisher: Harper Collins Childrens
Publication Date: 28 Aug 2015

Synopsis from Goodreads

Full of Landy’s trademark wit, action and razor sharp dialogue, DEMON ROAD kicks off with a shocking opener and never lets up the pace in an epic road-trip across the supernatural landscape of America. Killer cars, vampires, undead serial killers: they’re all here. And the demons? Well, that’s where Amber comes in…Sixteen years old, smart and spirited, she’s just a normal American teenager until the lies are torn away and the demons reveal themselves.

Forced to go on the run, she hurtles from one threat to another, revealing a tapestry of terror woven into the very fabric of her life. Her only chance rests with her fellow travellers, who are not at all what they appear to be…

I absolutely loved the Skulduggery Pleasant series, I feel as if Derek Landy is my sarcasm soul-mate 😉 I think Demon Road will be an amazing addition to the school library 🙂