Musical Moments: Stargazing from Nowhere Character Soundtrack by Isabel and Marilyn Thomas

Book Angel Booktopia is delighted to welcome Isabel and Marilyn Thomas today to share the music best suited to their main character, Kristen, who happens to be a music blogger 🙂

Image Received from Authors
Image Received from Authors

The thing that really resonated most within the book is the musical part, especially since the book is about a rock band.

Kristen, the protagonist, has a few theme songs that reflect her experiences. Please take a look below to get a little bit of a hint to her character arch.

1. Firework by Katy Perry


Kristen has lit a spark by having a secret blog that she hopes will help her leave her small town behind. It’s also the one thing that creates an enormous problem for her later on because she has to deal with the ramifications of the secrecy, and has to find a way to be redemptive. And it’s her journey to do this–she has to get herself out and as the song says, “If you only knew what the future holds/After a hurricane comes a rainbow.”

2. Rolling in the Deep by Adele


From the moment that the Rising Tide bus rolls into town, Kristen begins to fall hard for Michael Stevens, the drummer. We love the title because it reinforces how once you’re in love, you’re in a deep emotional attachment and things take a different perspective. The song is a really good reflect because of the longing associated with it, and when Kristen and Michael are at a crossroads, Kristen feels that, “…we almost had it all.” While that’s true, is it all lost?

3. Little Things by One Direction


We love, love this cute song. It’s also a One Direction fan favorite. You can’t always explain love or attraction between people, and oftentimes, it’s the little things that make a big impact. It’s such a great song for Kristen because it’s a song that celebrates unconditional love, and there’s a sweetness about it, along with a little bit of quirkiness.

4. Dancing in the Dark by Bruce Springsteen


This is an old but powerful song. It represents her darkest hour. It reflects her despair and loneliness at one point in the novel (which we won’t elaborate on because it would be a SPOILER). She’s down, and very, very discourages but there’s a poignancy to the song, and that is still hopeful. Probably what reflects her state of mind the most during this period are these lines: “I get up in the evening, and I ain’t got nothing to say/I come home in the morning, I go to bed feeling the same way.”

5. California by Wave


“I’m on my way/Heading for the sun/That’s where I’ll stay,” goes the song. It’s not that Kristen has decided that she wants to go to California, but because Michael is from there, she becomes more familiar with it, and excited about it.

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The words rock star romance had me instantly hooked 🙂 Go on you know you want to 😉

Image from Goodreads
Image from Goodreads

Title: Star Gazing from Nowhere
Author: Isabel and Marilyn Thomas
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 22 July 2013

Synopsis from Goodreads

Kristen Morgan’s blog is about to get her into trouble. Deep trouble. Online, she is known as “Stargazer” from the popular Stargazing from Nowhere blog, while in real life she is a regular fifteen-year-old high school student. This online anonymity is quite liberating, allowing her to be completely honest with her readers. Through a twist of fate, Rising Tide, the band she has bashed the most online, ends up in her small town, which sends Kristen into an excited panic. To continue gathering fresh material for her blog, she poses as a Rising Tide fan. After sneaking into the band’s private party, she comes face to face with the band’s drummer, Michael Stevens, who happens to be even more gorgeous in person than she cares to admit. Something unexpected also happens to her when she meets him: she becomes giddy, nervous, and inarticulate, leading Kristen to realize that her interest in Michael has nothing to do with her blog, but everything to do with her heart. As Kristen and Michael grow closer, does she have to make a choice between blog or boyfriend…Or is the choice made for her?


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