Title: Perfectly Reflected
Series: Small Blue thing
Author: SC Ransom
Publisher: Nosy Crow
Publication Date: 2 Jun 2011

Synopsis: From Amazon

This is the second book in the Small Blue Thing trilogy.

Still recovering from her earlier brush with death, Alex’s source of strength and comfort is Callum, still locked in a sad half-life after drowning in the river Fleet that flows into the Thames. And she needs all the strength and comfort she can get: someone is out to make her life a misery, and someone is out to get hold of the extraordinary bracelet that enables her to communicate with Callum.

Review: May contain spoilers for Small Blue Thing review here

Perfectly Reflected carries straight on from Small Blue Thing (SBT) dropping the reader into the middle of the action. Although it is easy to pick up the threads of the plot with subtle re-caps placed throughout the narrative I would highly recommend you read SBT first just because it is fab.

Red herrings and misdirection abound I was constantlyquestioning my assumptions about – well everything really – revelations are notat all expected. At points it was quite difficult for me to read (you know mycatch-phrase reading is subjective) with my current situation. Imagine someone knowing your deepest, darkest secrets and using them against you. Horrible isn’t it. Alex has no control over this and I will admit that it took me a little while to understand fully why this was happening, when I did I literally had a #facepalm moment [ : D ] I respected Alex’s ability to remain calm and not retaliate.

Whereas SBT developed Alex and Callum’s relationship while introducing us to the Dirges, Perfectly Reflected develops the darker side of the story – just how powerful is the bracelet? What does Catherine know and why does she hate Alex so much? Just how far will the Dirges go to escape their purgatory?

Balance is achieved by the wonderful, inspiring friendship Alex has with Grace. I adore Grace and loved how her character developed through this book. Alongside the tight knit family and close relationship Alex has with her brother, Josh, made for heart-warming reading. I liked how Alex’s other relationships, outside of her romance with Callum, were developed and the introduction of another ‘nice’ Dirge in the form of Olivia gave the plot an additional element. Although she did annoy me by taking away what would have been a major revelation – arghh the torture. Character development of key players within the story gave substance to the plot and realism to relationships and interactions. Callum is not just the main player in this book, although he is a constant background presence in Alex’s mind, even when he is not directly involved in the plot.

I have to state that I still want to beat Rob with a stick [ :p ] but strangely would like to learn more about Catherine before beating her with a stick *giggles*. Also, personally, I would have had to confront Alex about the little lies she told to her friends when they were just trying to protect her. Especially when 5 minutes later she admits the truth. But that is just me, I don’t handle lying well.

Surprise action at the end of this book (no spoilers) was literally jaw-dropping. I have so many unanswered questions that I am tapping my fingers impatiently for the 3rd and final book. Seriously I cannot wait – I need resolution NOW.