Title: Big Woo (My Not So Secret Teenage Blog)
Author: Susie Day
Publisher: Marion Lloyd Books
Publication Date: 7 April 2008

Source: Library

Synopsis: From Amazon
Ta-da! My blog of lolarious brilliance has escaped from the internets. Into a book! BIG WOO! Omg behold my interestingness. But don’t read it, tiny children. It is full of rudey bits and lameassery. AND SHOUTING IN CAPSLOCK which is bad for you, obvs.

If you need to learn text speak to understand your teenager nothing does it better than this book, providing an insight into the female teenage mind and all that entails while allowing the reader a good giggle.

Written in first person narrative from Seraphina perspective but in the visually dynamic format of blog posts even incorporating the comments section. Seraphina is coming to terms with the break-up of her parents, low self confidence and body image. She is completely easy to relate to even though it has been quite some time since I was a teen myself.

Sensitive issues are touched upon within the narrative such as eating disorders/divorce/new relationships/teenage sexuality/cyber bullying all impacting today’s teenage life. Shown from Seraphina’s view point making her sometimes funny, sometimes naive/immature/self-absorbed but all with a sense of uniqueness and inner strength. New boundaries and relationships have to be forged following her pattens split which are sometimes painful to witness,  I found myself cringing at the same time as sympathising. Having been a teenage and now a Mother it is easy to see both sides to the relationship, along with the mistakes made and blame shared.

I loved the ending showing that when the ‘chips are down’ family really do pull together even if it is only fictional.

A wonderful humourous coming of age/journey of self discovery. If you haven’t read it yet – you really should.

Reviewed as part of Celebrating Wales – Susie is completely awesome and from Penarth [ : D ]

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