Thursday Tunes: Maggie Stiefvater Music Appreciation

I was really hoping for a Guest Post from Maggie about her musical inspirations and if she would be afraid of the faeries coming for her; but unfortunately I have yet to receive a reply from her publicist 🙁

Instead I thought I would put some of the videos of Maggie actually playing music herself [ : D ]

The following video is very appropriate for Ballad [ : D ]

Random Post: New Years Resolutions

I am always unsure whether to do New Years Resolutions or not as I usually suck at keeping them : However, I am trying to make a supreme effort this year and you all have to help me.

I only have one thing on my resolution list that I want to apply to all aspects of my life:

This includes making lists of menus for the week, planning shopping trips, making sure the chores get done on time, getting clothes ready the night before, the usual stuff that I should be doing but don’t and really,  really need to.… Continue Reading