Words of Love from Martin King and the Space Angels

Book Angel Booktopia welcomes Martin King today to share his words of love to Darcy – prepare to swoon 🙂

Dear Darcy,

Sorry if that sounds a bit formal. But then you’ll never read this letter anyway so I suppose it doesn’t really matter.

I’m writing this letter because there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you. It all started about a year ago. At least, I think it did… it’s hard to put an exact date on it.

Words of Love with Gage and Skyla – Celestra series by Addison Moore

Huge thanks to Addison Moore for kindly writing a beautiful guest post today highlighting her charactes from the Celestra series. ENJOY

Dear Skyla,

From the beginning I was mesmerized by you. You held my entire world in the palm of your hand. When you came to the island it was as if a dream had come to life and in a way you did. All of those dreams, those visions, those waking fantasies that played on a loop were nothing compared to being near you in the flesh.