Random Ramble: Birthday

So today is my birthday. I try not to make a big deal about it tbh but this year I feel that I had to impart some wisdom to go along with my advancing years 😉

Today I feel as if I have officially reached that middle age milestone. I don’t particularly feel 45, not in the slightest, although the way my body ceases up on occasion would probably disagree with me. I sometimes look in the mirror and think the person staring back at me couldn’t possible be me as there is no way I look that old 😉 Internally I still feel the same as I did when I was 25 but with a lot more life experience to call upon. I love the song below even though I feel as if I am going to cry every time I hear it – yes life really does move that  quickly.


I always feel a bit short-changed with Mothers Day in the UK as it is always really close to my birthday *sigh* Guess I could always celebrate twice by adopting the US day in May : D

Any who I thought it a fantastic idea *you know what I’m like* so I put together a list of the Best Mothers In YA

Random Ramble: The Great Divide in Promoting Reading for Pleasure

I don’t normally like using my blog to get on my soapbox or in fact expressing said soapbox views but the time has come to air a small part of the things that continue to irk me with no reprieve in sight.

You all already know I live in Wales. I love living in Wales, I am proud to be Welsh, mostly. However, I do feel as if Wales is England’s poorer cousin. Although we have a terrific arts scene, especially in Cardiff, there is a huge divide in the provision for reading and the promotion of reading for pleasure in my local area.