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Random Ramble: Book Buying Decisions


I made the decision to put myself out there a little bit more rather than focusing on the positive aspects of reading. I’m not talking about attacking the books, the writing style of the author personally just the decision to stop purchasing certain books for a variety of reasons.
Well kind of – urghh I don’t think my brain is fully functioning on a Monday monring :)

I wanted to talk about  making the decision to stop buying books by particular authors. This maybe for a number of reasons:

  • Not engaging with their particular writing style – which is fair – not everyone can like everything
  • Not agreeing with the direction the author has taken – again a good reason to stop purchasing the books
  • Feeling taken advantage of as a reader

It is the last one that I want to focus on – Feeling taken advantage of as a reader.

I have a particular author in mind, whom I am not going to name obviously. What I will say is I actually really love this particular authors writing, the characterisations and the feelings portrayed in the  books. However, for every new book released there were subsequent novellas (some completely unecessary to the development of the main story for the characters) and I’m not just talking one, but three possible four. Followed by a sequel or 2 which lead in to spin-off books for the peripheral characters, leading to the inevitable novellas; and thus the circle continues.

Being a fully fledged member of the working poor, the amount I spend on books is limited and I have to choose carefully how to spend my money. As much as I love this particular author the fact is the novellas could probably be combined into a full length novel. Instead of costing approximately £1:99 each (four novellas would be the equivalent of £8) cutting the cost to £3:99. A huge difference to someone who has to watch every penny.

I know authors need to earn a living also and I’m not begrudging that in the slightest. However, personally it makes me feel as if I’m being taken advantage of as a reader. If I love an author and their stories I tend to read anything and everything they write, so to make the decision to cut ties with an author I enjoy is not one I make lightly. Especially when I see beautiful new books that I would love to read but will not purchase for the reasons stated.

How do you feel when faced with this situation – are you happy to continue to purchase the stream of novellas and spin-offs even when they are painfully short??

Random Ramble: Book Trailers


Book Trailers and how important they are in promoting reading for pleasure.

I don’t know whether it is just me but I have noticed a vast decline in the number of book trailers being made to coincide with the release of new publications. Not only is the sharing of trailers a great promotional tool to use within social media and blogs it is a great resource in aiding the promotion for reading for pleasure.

 I run library lesson for KS3 in school where I will show a presentation of approximately six books fitting into a specific reading theme, anything from Comedy to Identity in YA and everything in between depending on the Year group.

I have got to be honest and say I am more likely to include a book fitting the reading theme if it has a good book trailer to accompany it. WHY you may ask. Well there are a number of reasons:

  • It provides an excellent visual aid to the presentation. Helping cover the need to provide differentiation based on learning style – Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic.
  • It is more likely to capture the attention of the students than just discussing the book.
  • We live in a very visual age where images are constantly bombarding us – unfortunately I have noticed this does make it harder for younger people to be able to visualise characters and settings without being given some sort of aid.

I constantly update my books lists and check for book trailers to go alongside any new releases. You can see my large number of reading theme playlists HERE

Lastly, Publishers, Authors and Publicists please help promote not only the books themselves but reading for pleasure by creating a book trailer to go alongside the publication.