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An Interruption of Service

I am absolutely swamped at school at the moment and extremely run down. Yesterday and today I have been creating book lists on Pinterest in order to give pupils individual recommendations – pimping the benefits of reading for pleasure ;)

You can check out my boards HERE

I am struggling to list books to read on after David Walliams. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated :)

Normal service will resume shortly as soon as I get some kind of organisation in place *sigh*

Random Ramble: Review Writing


So I’ve been having a little problem lately in actually getting my reviews written. I’ve been reading masses:

2013 Reading Challenge

2013 Reading Challenge
Book Angel Emma has
read 135 books toward her goal of 150 books.


BUT not keeping up with my reviews :( Generally I jot down quick thoughts as I’m reading that I can refer back to when I write my review. Unfortunately, this seems to have fallen by the wayside a little, probably due to reading in bed and I can’t get comfortable to actually write notes. Partly because I get so deep into the story I can’t bare to drag myself away from it to jot sown an idea for the review. The result being that I have actually had to re-read some of the books in order to get coherent thoughts down on paper. Not an ideal solution when there are so many wonderful books to be read ;) Although I have to admit I have loved re-reading my favourites.

The end result is that I am struggling to get my reviews written. I know I can just jot out my rough ideas BUT and here is the thing that probably makes me a little bonkers – I feel as if I’m not doing the book justice if I don’t write a more in depth review.

I don’t know why I feel like this. Somehow along the way, during the last 3.5 years of blogging I seem to have convinced myself that a review has to be in depth in order to do a book justice. Obviously, this is incorrect as I have seen some fabulous reviews that have been done Twitter style (140 characters) and they have been fabulous; concise and to the point without going into depth about the plot yet succinctly conveying the viewpoint of the reviewer. I am trying to convince myself that in order to catch-up I should attempt a few of these twitter style reviews. Yet I still feel guilty. This is probably just me as I can do guilt really, really well, lol.

I’ve done a few mini-reviews but there again I hate calling them mini-reviews, it seems to dismiss the thought process behind it. Is this just an Emma psychological thing that needs to be overcome or is there a specified ideal review length.

It doesn’t help that I am so easily distracted, veering off in the middle of a review to catch up on social media (oh look there is a squirrel – remind me to tell you that story later), even distractions from the children all add up to reviews taking forever to get written. Maybe I need an assistant ;) Real life does affect how much time can be dedicated to writing reviews, I have other news to share next week :) Time management may help – what do you suggest. I’m still accepting Get Organised posts if anyone would like to contribute :)

Anyone got any tips, suggestions, want to come and help even if its keeping me focused and cooking me tea ;)

All comments and suggestions greatly appreciated.