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Library Lesson Help Request PLEASE

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I’ve been running lessons for Year 9 discussing Reviews, the types of reviews you can find alongside the pros and cons of each format. Moving onto looking at all formats for a specific item of their choosing, comparing the way in which a follwer is hooked, the good points and the bad points of the particular review.

I would like to be able to discuss with them as the final lesson before they write their own just how reviews are used whether for advertising or sales rankings.

Your quotes would be greatly appreicated in order to validate the points I would like to make and provide further insight for my students.


Please find my presentation for hte lessons so far – it is a continual work in progress :)

Looking at REVIEWS


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Only those people who work in schools can truly appreciate the excitement and need for the following six weeks.

With the constant pressure and ever-changing expectations within the education system. Summer holidays are necessary in order to refresh and prepare for the challenges the next school year are sure to bring.

Here is hoping for nice weather for me to be able to do the FREE things with my girls.

The next six weeks are going to be full of books, book lists ready for September and a training course to provide me with the certificate to back up the work I already do :) As well as a few extra exercise classes in order to maintain my sanity 😉

What do you have planned?

Mental Health Day

This is how I feel today – the things I had planned just aren’t going to happen. I need to take Serendipty Viv’s advice and schedule my posts for the week on one day :) reducing the stress load.

There are a number of changes taking place at school that are affecting my stress levels. I don’t cope well with stress anyway so additional factors beyond my control leave me reeling. I will say hindsight is a wonderful thing, I just want to promote books and get people to read :)

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Source – Google Images

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Source – Google Images

Get Organised with Lyndsey from Page after Page Reviews


Yep – you guessed correctly – with my disorganised skills this is another post I found thanks to Gmail and INBOX :)

Twitter Profile Picture

Twitter Profile Picture

Emma knows just how organised I like to be so her new feature seemed pretty perfect for me. Some of my top tips for staying/ being organised might be pretty basic but they’re things I can’t live without doing or having. This year I’m juggling my last year of university and a 12000 word dissertation, working 25 hours a week, a long distance relationship and a wedding to plan as well as blogging too. (Lyndsey has been married for a while now – shame on me)

Notebooks – I must have 4 or 5 notebooks on the go at any one time. One of the only ways things which keep me organised is knowing exactly what is going on in every aspect of my life. The notebooks are generally full of lists of things I need to do or things I need to buy etc. If I had everything in one place, I would get extremely confused!

Whiteboards – I have two whiteboards which does maybe seem a bit excessive, I know. One of these is used for the blog and reviews I write for other sites. I always have a list going of what reviews I need to write and where they need posting to, otherwise I would definitely forget. The other is used for uni work. At the minute, this one is being used for my dissertation so that I know what else I need to write about and what I need to read.

Plan in advance – easier than it seems I know. Every Boxing Day (or as close to it), I head into town and buy a shed load of wrapping paper, bows and tags etc. I also buy family Christmas Cards in the sale for the next year. Last year I couldn’t get into town during the sales and it made me realise how much all of this stuff costs full price. The other year, my Mum and I did this and everything we bought ended up lasting 3 years! Not sure my fiancé was too impressed with carrying 20 rolls of wrapping paper though this year. I know everyone is normally broke after Christmas but even £10-£20 will stock you up really well for next year.

Stationary – I LOVE stationary and find it really helps with organisation. Post it notes of various sizes always come in handy, especially for writing reviews. I have a pad in my handbag at all times so that if there was something important I wanted to write about when reading a book, I could stick a note on a particular page so I won’t forget. Also, being a university student, the tiny post it notes are extremely helpful for bookmarking pages for quotes etc. I love highlighting and writing in different colours too which I find helps when writing about different things. You can’t make proper lists if they’re not colour coded can you?!

Google Calendar – I’ve used Google Calendar now for quite some time and it’s great. Although a paper calendar is good, it’s a complete pain if you need to rearrange blog posts and move things around. Google Calendar lets you use multiple calendars on the same screen for different projects. These, of course, can be colour coded depending on what you are planning which is a feature I love. One blog is purple and one blog is green so I know exactly what is being posted on each day and which blog the posts belong to. I’d be pretty lost without this.

Achievable To Do Lists – Again, another set of lists! I used to make massive to do lists and nothing would ever get done. However, now I have one notebook solely for to do lists. I have a new list for every day of the week with achievable goals on it. Having a big list with so many things on it is very daunting and I never knew where to start when I had one like that. Now with these smaller lists, I feel like I have really achieved something every day and I’m always super happy when I manage to get everything done.

I couldn’t think of 10 things but without these 6, my life would be a completely disorganised mess. I would never know what I was doing or when it was supposed to be done by.

Get Organised with Serendipity Viv


Just to show how amazingly unorganised I am – thanks to gmail’s new INBOX addition I came across a pile of email that hadn’t been actioned including a number of feature posts  😳 colour me embarrassed. So apologies to everyone that I misplaced the posts but now you get to enjoy them.

serendipityreviewsheaderViv is an amazing person and one I admire greatly. Here are some of her tips to stay organised:

Top Ten Tips for Being Organised

Firstly I would like to say I am not really that organised. Though reading through this list might make me sound a little OCD, but I just look for ways of making my life work better so that I am not constantly reacting to situations. I want my life to be proactive!

1) Put all dates in one diary. That might sound strange but I have been known to end up with a couple of diaries but I have since learnt my lesson and only use the one. I write down the dates of everything so I can keep track of what the whole family is doing.

2) A blogging day a week. I write all my blog posts for the week in one day. I find it makes my life easier. Since I am now writing full-time, I devote just one day to the blog and I write all my posts and schedule them in advance.

3) Make a list. Every day has a list of things that need to be done.

4) Colour coordinate your list. This may sound naff but I like to colour my lists so I know instantly if it is a writing, home, children or blog job that needs to be done.

5) Stop checking your emails. I have made the decision to only answer my emails during the first hour I am at my desk. Otherwise I find I don’t get anything done. Emails usually require you to do something, so they get a scheduled time during my day, if they aren’t completed they go to the top of the list for the next day.

6) Internet food shopping. This is my guilty pleasure. I only enter supermarkets during Christmas week, the rest of the time I order online. I only order what I need, so I save money too.

7) Plan your meals out. I do this at the same time as I write my shopping list.

8) Get everything organised the night before. This has been instilled into my brain by my mother. I try and get everything ready for the morning otherwise my house would be mental!

9) Plan my chapters. I make a mind map of chapters usually the night before, thus allowing me to jump right in and write them the next morning.

10) Block my writing time. I have to put my writing into hour blocks these days as I am too easily distracted by the internet. During those hours I am not allowed to check Twitter, Facebook or emails.