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On My Library Wish-List

Thanks to April from Good Books and Good Wine for bringing this one to my attention. I have a few pupils that love fantasy and I think this would be a wonderful addition to the genre in the library. Read April’s review HERE

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Title: The Way Of Shadows
Series: Night Angel #1
Author: Brent Weeks
Publisher: Orbit
Publication Date: 2 Oct 2008

Synopsis from Goodreads

For Durzo Blint, assassination is an art-and he is the city’s most accomplished artist.

For Azoth, survival is precarious. Something you never take for granted. As a guild rat, he’s grown up in the slums, and learned to judge people quickly – and to take risks. Risks like apprenticing himself to Durzo Blint.

But to be accepted, Azoth must turn his back on his old life and embrace a new identity and name. As Kylar Stern, he must learn to navigate the assassins’ world of dangerous politics and strange magics – and cultivate a flair for death.

The next one was discovered via the brilliant Mundie Kids – Read there review HERE

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Title: The Classroom
Author: Robin Mellom
Publisher: Hyperion Books
Publication Date: 19 June 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

In 2012, a documentary crew descended upon Westside Middle School to detail the life of an average seventh grader and his classmates.

What they uncovered, though, was far from average. Mostly, it was upper average along with moments of extreme average, highlighted by several minutes of total epicness.

This is the story…

Trevor Jones–perfect attendance award recipient, former neurotic (he hopes)–has been preparing for the start of seventh grade his entire summer.But he is NOT ready for the news his best friend, Libby (proud neurotic, in a color-coding sort of way), drops on him: he must ask a girl to the fall dance. By the end of the day.

Trevor decides he would rather squirt hot sauce in his eyes than attend the dance. Everything changes when he meets mysterious new student Molly (excessive doodler, champion of unnatural hair colors). Trevor starts to think that going to the dance maybe wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. But what if she says no to his invitation? More important, what if she says yes?

On My Library Wish-List

Thanks to the amazing Mundie Moms I came across this book, it looks so brilliant. Check out their 5 star review HERE

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Title: The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

Series: Heroes Guides #1

Author: Christopher Healy

Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

Publication Date: 7 June 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

Enter a world where everything, even our classic fairy tales, is not at all what it seems.

Prince Liam. Prince Frederic. Prince Duncan. Prince Gustav. You’ve never head of them, have you? These are the princes who saved Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Snow White, and Rapunzel, respectively, and yet, thanks to those lousy bards who wrote the tales, you likely know them only as “Prince Charming.” But all of this is about to change…

Rejected by their princesses and cast out of their castles, Liam, Frederic, Duncan, and Guztav stumble upon an evil plot that could endanger each of their kingdoms. Now it’s up to them to triumph over their various shortcomings, take on trolls, bandits, dragons, witches, and other associated terrors to becom the heroes no one ever thought they could be.

This title is the first in a series about the adventures of Liam, Frederic, Duncan, and Gustav. The second title is due out in 2013.

The next two books can be blamed utterly on the Book Smugglers Radar post (HERE)

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Title: Liar and Spy

Author: Rebecca Stead

Publisher: Andersen

Publication Date: 4 Oct 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

When seventh grader Georges (the S is silent) moves into a Brooklyn apartment building, he meets Safer, a twelve-year-old coffee-drinking loner and self-appointed spy. Georges becomes Safer’s first spy recruit. His assignment? Tracking the mysterious Mr. X, who lives in the apartment upstairs. But as Safer becomes more demanding, Georges starts to wonder: how far is too far to go for your only friend?

Liar & Spy is an inspired, often-funny story about destiny, goofy brilliance, and courage. Like Stead’s Newbery Medal-winning When You Reach Me, it will keep readers guessing until the end.

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Title: Splendors and Glooms

Author: Laura Amy Schlitz

Publisher: Candlewick Press

Publication Date: 28 Aug 2012

Synopsis from Goodreads

The master puppeteer, Gaspare Grisini, is so expert at manipulating his stringed puppets that they appear alive. Clara Wintermute, the only child of a wealthy doctor, is spellbound by Grisini’s act and invites him to entertain at her birthday party. Seeing his chance to make a fortune, Grisini accepts and makes a splendidly gaudy entrance with caravan, puppets, and his two orphaned assistants.

Lizzie Rose and Parsefall are dazzled by the Wintermute home. Clara seems to have everything they lack — adoring parents, warmth, and plenty to eat. In fact, Clara’s life is shadowed by grief, guilt, and secrets. When Clara vanishes that night, suspicion of kidnapping falls upon the puppeteer and, by association, Lizzie Rose and Parsefall.

As they seek to puzzle out Clara’s whereabouts, Lizzie and Parse uncover Grisini’s criminal past and wake up to his evil intentions. Fleeing London, they find themselves caught in a trap set by Grisini’s ancient rival, a witch with a deadly inheritance to shed before it’s too late.

Newbery Medal winner Laura Amy Schlitz’s Victorian gothic is a rich banquet of dark comedy, scorching magic, and the brilliant and bewitching storytelling that is her trademark.

On My Library Wish-List

The pupils in my library just adore gory covers with the premise reminiscent of Dexter I think this book would be perfect for the gore lovers in school. Confirmed by this brilliant review From Matt Teen Librarian HERE
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Author: Barry Lyga
Publisher: Bantam Press
Publication Date: 12 April 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads

You’re seventeen years old and your father is the most notorious serial killer America has ever produced. 

He brought you up. Taught you everything he knows. Everyone in your ordinary American town knows who you are. So even though Dear Old Dad is safely behind bars, when the killing starts all over again, you are the first person the police come to see…

They don’t know whether it’s nature or nurture. And neither do you…

The next one was reviewed by The Book Smugglers (HERE) It sounds like a brilliant addition to the library.

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Title: Changeling
Publisher: Firebird
Publication Date: 17 July 2008
Synopsis from Goodreads
A determined heroine, a quest adventure galore!

Neef is a changeling, a human baby stolen by fairies and replaced with one of their own. She lives in “New York Between,” a Manhattan that exists side by side with our own, home to various creatures of folklore. Neef has always been protected by her fairy godmother until she breaks a Fairy Law. Now, unless she can meet the challenge of the Green Lady of Central Park, she’ll be sacrificed! Neef is determined to beat the rap but time is running out . . .

The wonderful Darren at Book Zone for Boys is my go to guy for all things gory. Thank you to Darren for recommending this one, check out his review HERE

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Title: Doom Rider
Publisher; Hodder Children’s Books
Publication Date: 5 July 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads

Seth Crow has lived a thousand lives, and in each one he’s been murdered before he turns thirteen.

And now he’s being hunted again. But this time it’s different.

Enter Lily, who tells him of his fate: Seth is CONQUEST. The first of the four riders of the Apocalypse. And people want him dead, before he can fulfil his destiny.

Seth’s only hope lies in finding the other riders – Strife, Famine and Death. 

Together, the fate of the world lies in their hands …

On My Library Wishlist

As usual Mundie Moms have enticed me with their reviews of Middle Grade books to add it to the list of books I would love to see in the library. Read their amazing review HERE
Series: Winterling #1
Publisher: Quercus
Publication Date: 8 Nov 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads

With her boundless curiosity and wild spirit, Fer has always felt that she doesn’t belong. Not when the forest is calling to her, when the rush of wind through branches feels more real than school or the quiet farms near her house. Then she saves an injured creature—he looks like a boy, but he’s really something else. He knows who Fer truly is, and invites her through the Way, a passage to a strange, dangerous land.

Fer feels an instant attachment to this realm, where magic is real and oaths forge bonds stronger than iron. But a powerful huntress named the Mor rules here, and Fer can sense that the land is perilously out of balance. Fer must unlock the secrets about the parents she never knew and claim her true place before the worlds on both sides of the Way descend into endless winter.

Sarah Prineas captivates in this fantasy-adventure about a girl who must find within herself the power to set right a terrible evil.

This one again is again down to the fabulous Mundie Moms read their review HERE

Series: The Ascendance Trilogy #1
Publisher: Scholastic
Publication Date: 7 June 2012
Synopsis from Goodreads

THE FALSE PRINCE is the thrilling first book in a brand-new trilogy filled with danger and deceit and hidden identities that will have readers rushing breathlessly to the end.
In a discontent kingdom, civil war is brewing. To unify the divided people, Conner, a nobleman of the court, devises a cunning plan to find an impersonator of the king’s long-lost son and install him as a puppet prince. Four orphans are recruited to compete for the role, including a defiant boy named Sage. Sage knows that Conner’s motives are more than questionable, yet his life balances on a sword’s point — he must be chosen to play the prince or he will certainly be killed. But Sage’s rivals have their own agendas as well.

As Sage moves from a rundown orphanage to Conner’s sumptuous palace, layer upon layer of treachery and deceit unfold, until finally, a truth is revealed that, in the end, may very well prove more dangerous than all of the lies taken together.

An extraordinary adventure filled with danger and action, lies and deadly truths that will have readers clinging to the edge of their seats.