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Date Night with Garrett and Carina from Unconditional By Melody Grace

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I am delighted to welcome Garrett and Carina to Book Angel Booktopia today to share their ideal Date Night :)

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GARRETT: A perfect date to me is pretty much the beach, a cold beer, and a burger.

CARINA: Real romantic.

GARRETT: Aww, OK, I’m going to have to put some effort into this.

CARINA: You can put a shirt on at least.

GARRETT: You don’t usually complain about it, darlin’.

CARINA: (flustered) OK, where were we? A perfect date. Well, to tell the truth, Garrett had it right the first time around. I’ve been wined and dined at all the fancy restaurants, but what really makes a date perfect is the person you’re spending it with. But, I do think dates should be special – a moment out of your regular lives – so it’s fun to put on a cute outfit and do something romantic.

GARRETT: Like movie night.

CARINA: (blushes) Or a dinner, just the two of you.

GARRETT: I like to keep things simple, so I’d say, we could take a drive together, and have a sunset picnic on the beach.

CARINA: See, you can be romantic when you want! A beach picnic is a great date, especially if you find a secluded cove somewhere with plenty of privacy…

GARRETT: I think that’s our cue to get out of here (winks).

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Date Night with Pixie and Levi from Best Kind of Broken

Date Night ButtonBook Angel Booktopia is delighted to welcome Pixie and Levi today to share their ideal date night :)

Pixie and Levi’s Ideal Date


A picnic on a soft blanket spread out on a quiet football field under the stars.


“What’s your ideal date?” Levi asks, trailing his blue eyes over her face with a grin.

“Hmm.” Pixie tilts her head in thought. “A picnic, on a soft blanket, in a grassy field, under the stars.” She looks at him. “What’s your ideal date?”

“A football game,” he says.

She laughs. Then shakes her head with a shrug. “A football game?”

He smiles. “What?” His eyes narrow. “Don’t act like you don’t like football as much as I do.”

“I love football,” she says. “But that doesn’t mean I want to have a romantic meal in the stands surrounded by a roaring crowd.”

“Okay.” He scratches his cheek with an amused expression. “What about a picnic, on a soft blanket, spread out on a grassy football field, late at night when the game is over, the stars are out, and the crowds are gone.” He leans in. “How does that sound?”

“That sounds…” She leans up on her tiptoes so their mouths are nearly touching and slowly smiles. “That sounds just about perfect.”

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Date Night with Matt and Bryn from Savor by Monica Murphy

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OMG how excited am I that Matt and Bryn are here at Book Angel Booktopia to share their ideal date night *SWOON*

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Matt: So hmmm…the ideal date night with Bryn. This could get interesting.  Do I need to watch what I say?

Bryn: *slugs Matt in the arm* What? Are you going to suggest something X-rated?

Matt: *rubs his arm* Maybe? And damn woman, can you throw a punch.

Bryn: You big baby. Okay, the perfect date night with Matt would include him dressed in a suit because have you seen him in a suit? Oh my. If he’s wearing a suit, then I need to wear a pretty dress with my highest heels because I know he likes my legs.

Matt: I do. I like everything about you.

Bryn: Aw. *leans in for a kiss* He would take me out to dinner, at a very small, very intimate restaurant that not many people know about but they have the best food ever. There would be wine and candlelight and flirtatious banter and delicious food and lots of staring at each other from across the table. My hands would itch to touch him and finally I’d reach out and caress his hand, entwine our fingers…

Matt: Bryn. Baby. You need to slow down because this is making me kind of hot.

Bryn: *rolls eyes* It doesn’t take much, you know. Anyway, finally we’d leave the restaurant and after a few long, slow kisses in the parking lot leaning against the car, he’d finally take me back home, drag me into the bedroom and then…

Matt: Yeah?

Bryn: The door shuts because I’m not about to go into detail over what happens next.

Matt: Damn. You’re no fun.

Bryn: Since you’re the one who asked if you should watch what you say, go for it. Leave nothing to the imagination.

Matt: Really?

Bryn: *shrugs* Sure, why not?

Matt: All righty then. I’ve been given permission. I like Bryn’s suggestion, going out to dinner but her idea is too formal. With my version, I’d wear jeans and a T-shirt and she’d wear little denim shorts and a shirt that scoops low in the front.

Bryn: Oh my God, you big pervert.

Matt: Hey. This is my ideal date. So we’d go to a burger joint and order the messiest burgers you’ve ever seen and a big plate of fries, plus a pitcher of beer. I’d get her a little buzzed because she’s damn cute when she’s drunk. Then I’d challenge her to play some pool. She’s pretty good at it. But my real motive is to watch her bend over the table in those short shorts. Or if I’m standing across from her, so I can catch a look down her shirt.

Bryn: You really are a pervert.

Matt: I’m a pervert for you. I have no shame. Okay, so I let her win the pool game because she’ll jump up and down and everything bounces real nice. Catch my drift? Then after a few long, slow kisses out in the parking lot, I’ll push her into the car and race home. I’ll drag her into the bedroom and peel off that low-cut shirt, then her too short shorts…

Bryn: And then?

Matt: *grins* And then I’ll slam the door shut because what goes on between us is our business.

Bryn: You big tease. *smiles and leans in to kiss her man*

Matt: That’s what you like best about me, right?

Bryn: Absolutely.

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Date Night with Maddy and Colin from Shaken Not Stirred by Alyssa Rose Ivy

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I am super excited to welcome such a cute couple to Book Angel Booktopia today. Please welcome Maddy and Colin to share their perfect date night with us. Thanks to Alyssa for sharing them with us today xx

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Maddy’s Perfect Date:

I’ve thought about this question more than I want to admit. I don’t like to consider myself one of those girls who needs over the top romantic gestures—but sometimes we all need a little romance.

My perfect date involves a moonlit boat ride, chocolate covered strawberries, and my date playing a song he wrote specifically for me. If he happens to also include champagne, some Italian food, and a surprise or two, I wouldn’t mind either.

Colin’s perfect Date:

My perfect date is a night with Maddy, a nice bottle of wine, and complete privacy. I’d make sure to leave my cell phone behind and bring all of her favorite things.  I’d also be sure to come up with at least a handful of surprises. I love making her smile, and surprising her is a great way to bring a smile to her face.

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Finding the perfect guy is like mixing the perfect drink. It’s all about the taste and presentation.

Maddy’s gone off the deep end, at least that’s what her family thinks when she handles her med school rejections by moving to the Outer Banks. It doesn’t help that she’s paying her bills by bartending and is sharing walls with two guys, even if one of them is her childhood best friend.

Her choice of men seems more balanced on the surface—Colin is driven, sexy, and gainfully employed, but she can’t help spending her Thursday nights searching for the perfect drink for Lyle, whose music captivates her with its haunting lyrics. Maddy believes everyone has a perfect drink—and finding Lyle’s isn’t a challenge she’s willing to lose.


Date Night with Vala and Elvar from Eternal by Denise Dowdell-Stent.

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Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

Vala and Elvar are twin souls, so when asked about their ideal date both replied that any time spent in each other’s company would be idyllic, no matter where they might be or what they might be doing.

However, Vala admitted that Elvar’s surprise for their first wedding anniversary was pretty special and a date she would never forget.

It was a typically sunny Saturday morning in Avalonia. Vala was gently awoken by a comforting warmth on her face and patterns of amber light dancing across her eyelids. She inhaled deeply and stretched, slowly opening her eyes to seek out Elvar. She was disappointed to find herself alone in the bed, but as Vala sat up, she noticed a large flat box covered with ivory damask and a wide lilac organza ribbon. She pulled the box onto her lap and opened it – inside was a long sleeveless empire line lilac silk gown; the bodice was embroidered with a swirling cream brocade and the skirt had a chiffon overlay.

As Vala was admiring the gown, her reverie was interrupted by a knock on the door. Elvar stepped inside, smiling as he drank in the sight of Vala. Carrying a tray of steaming Amarivir porridge and hot chocolate with Chando pods, he slipped into bed beside her. They breakfasted together, cocooned in a romantic haven of bliss. After eating, Vala snuggled into the familiarity of Elvar’s arms. The nearness of Vala’s body was electrifying. His hands ran over her curves and they hurriedly undressed each other, making love for the remainder of the morning.

In the afternoon, with his satchel and her dress box under one arm and Vala under the other, Elvar literally whisked her off her feet as they ascended high into the air, finally alighting in a deep canyon at the mouth of a grotto from which emanated a deep blue glow. Removing their shoes and socks at the entrance, Elvar led Vala inside, directing her into a hollow with a wooden door, and handed her a bathing costume as he changed into a pair of swimming trunks. He took an intrigued Vala by the hand and they stepped into another chamber – it was a subterranean thermal spring, the waters magically illuminated by the deep blue light seen from the entrance. The atmosphere was calming and relaxed. Elvar and Vala took the time to swim, talk, and play.

In the evening, Elvar took a blindfolded Vala dressed in her lilac gown to the beautiful verdant valley of their very first date. Alighting at the edge of the lake and whispering an incantation, he removed Vala’s blindfold. Her vision was dazzled by a spectacle of lights in a myriad of colours, some seemed interwoven into the foliage, but others were magically suspended in the air. The contrast against the ebony sky was breath-taking and Vala squealed in delight, excitedly wrapping her arms around Elvar’s neck and kissing him fervidly. After Vala reluctantly released him, Elvar knelt down, touched the surface of the water and transformed it into a field of ice. Re-enacting their first date, they stepped onto the ice and danced to a variety of music including Vivaldi’s ‘Winter’ movement and Adele’s ‘To Make You Feel My Love’ – both had featured as part of their wedding day. The music was not provided by magical means however, but by Vala’s phone. Following their dance, they enjoyed a moonlit picnic.

Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

To end an already perfect day, Elvar flew with Vala to the cave at Fantasy Falls – the tropical paradise where they had first made love.  He carefully slipped off Vala’s gown and laid her down on a Furlomyn coverlet.  Removing his own clothes, Elvar snuggled in beside Vala, curling his body around hers, and they slept in the starlight till morning broke and a new day dawned.

Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

Title: Eternal
Series: Eternal Trilogy # 1
Author: Denise Dowdell-Stent
Publisher: Avalonia Productions
Language: English
Publication Date: September 2013

Synopsis from Amazon

Vala believes she is just an ordinary teenager trying to find her place in the world with her closest friends, Jelly and Max. But her splendid normality is quickly turned upside down when she happens upon Elvar, a handsome fae boy that Vala finds impossible to resist. The connection between Vala and Elvar is electric but their euphoric bliss quickly comes crashing down as Vala discovers the truth about her family, revealing who she really is.

Little does Vala know, this truth would be the catalyst for her parent’s disappearance and the reason for the darkness hovering over the fae realm. With friendship and love as her only allies, Vala must face her fears in order to triumph against the evil that has beckoned her.

You’d better be prepared to put everything on hold as Denise Dowdell-Stent’s enthralling Young Adult Fantasy will keep you gripped right to the very end. This first book in the Eternal Trilogy fantasy series, is the start of an epic adventure.

Image Received from Author

Image Received from Author

Denise Dowdell-Stent is a YA Fantasy Fiction author but also writes scripts, poetry (published in various anthologies such as ‘A Passage in Time’ and ‘Speaking of Love’ by Forward Poetry), song lyrics, and maintains a blog at

She has just released her debut novel, ‘Eternal’ as an ebook on Amazon, iBookstore, Kobo and Google Books. She lives in Cambridgeshire, UK with her husband and young son. ‘Eternal’ is a YA Arthurian themed Fantasy, chock full of adventure, romance, suspense and intrigue.