Date Night with Shay West

Book Angel Booktopia welcomes Shay West today to share her ideal date ♥

For me, the perfect date would need to be an entire day. It would start out with an early breakfast at a quaint café sitting outside where we could enjoy the gentle breeze and bird song. If my date was truly a nerd like me, he would see if he could identify the birds we say as we sipped coffee and ate Belgian waffles.

Date Night: The Moth’s Perfect Date from Shift by Jeff Povey

Exciting things from the Shift tour today 🙂 Exclusive content with The Moth’s Perfect Date!!!!!!!


Being in a wheelchair for most of my life hasn’t really made meeting girls easy.  Sorry.  I’ll rephrase that.  I meet lots of girls and they’re usually quite kind and pleasant and I help a few of them with their homework but no one has actually gone on a date with me.  Truth is I have never been on one and I’m nearly seventeen.  I know it must be difficult for a girl to look at me and imagine romance.  But if she were to get to know me and see inside then she’d soon find out I was a caring and kind person.  And I can be very witty. Or so Lucas, my best friend tells me.

Date Night with Maddy and Colin from Shaken Not Stirred by Alyssa Rose Ivy

I am super excited to welcome such a cute couple to Book Angel Booktopia today. Please welcome Maddy and Colin to share their perfect date night with us. Thanks to Alyssa for sharing them with us today xx

Maddy’s Perfect Date:

I’ve thought about this question more than I want to admit. I don’t like to consider myself one of those girls who needs over the top romantic gestures—but sometimes we all need a little romance.