Review: Pulled Under by Lisa Renee Jones

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Title: Pulled Under
Series: Walker Security #2
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Publication Date: Self Published
Rating: 3/5

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He is blond, tattooed, and dangerous. She’s as beautiful as she is mysterious and could be his destruction…
Asher wasn’t always a member of the elite Walker Security team, he was a billionaire’s son, who rebelled against his father’s controlling hand, and ended up in New York City’s underground of drugs, rock n roll, and danger. But that is long behind him, and while his tattoos and long blond hair remain, he’s now a chameleon, far more comfortable in a suit and tie than a leather jacket.

Or so he likes to tell himself.

But now Walker Security needs him back inside the underground club scene for a police case they’re working. Women are dying, murdered, and the clock is ticking until another victim is claimed. When Asher is pulled back into this toxic world he meets Sierra, who is as beautiful as she is mysterious. A woman who calls to a darker side of him, long suppressed, unleashing it in what becomes wicked hot passion and obsession. But Sierra has a secret, one that leads her, and Asher, to a dangerous place, and game, with dangerous players, and the game is about life or death.


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The Walker clan takes their brothers-in-combat under their wing providing them with a home and family that always has your back. Part of that family is ex-Seal, Asher; although Asher grew up rich he has a very tumultuous relationship with his father, who attempted to control all aspects of Asher’s life. Asher thrived in the military becoming the honorable, protective man he is today. While undercover hunting a serial killer, Asher crosses paths with Sienna and his life isn’t the same again.

Sienna is on the run from a rich and powerful man, The Beast, she is literally running for her life. Unable to trust anyone due to the many connections The Beast has, Sienna finds jobs to keep her under the radar. Unfortunately, while it may keep her off The Beast’s radar it brings her to the attention of the serial killer Asher is following.

There is an element of insta-lust/love where Sienna and Asher are concerned or the connection between them could be viewed as inevitable and bring to mind the idea of soul-mates. Whatever it is, Asher is bowled away having never experienced the type of kinship he has with Sienna; all his alpha protective instincts kick into overdrive where she is concerned.

Sienna has a background in criminal psychology that transforms her in the eyes of Walker Security from potential victim to valuable asset while giving Sienna a taste of independence and the ability to put her talents and training to good use. The plot provides interesting insight into serial killers and their methodology.

While there is the element of insta-love within Pulled Under there is also a six degrees of separation connection between Asher and Sienna that while surprising does give the feeling that their relationship was pre-destined.

The action and the relationship within Pulled Under are fast paced and action packed, all of the plot threads are tied together cleverly. For me, the main aspect of Pulled Under was Sienna’s character development, showing that with the right person by your side your relationship can empower you and lead you to the life you should be living.

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