Review: Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend by Alan Cumyn

Image from Goodreads
Image from Goodreads

Title: Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend
Author: Alan Cumyn
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publication Date: April 2016
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 1/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Prepare to be blown away—or rather, carried away on huge muscular wings—by this blissfully outlandish, bracingly-smart, tour de force about a teen who has to come to terms with relinquishing control for the first time as she falls for the hot new…pterodactyl…at school. After all, everybody wants him!

Sheils is very pleased with her perfectly controlled life (controlling others while she’s at it). She’s smart, powerful, the Student Body Chair, and she even has a loving boyfriend. What more could a girl ask for?

But everything changes when the first-ever interspecies transfer student, a pterodactyl named Pyke, enrolls at her school. There’s something about him—something primal—that causes the students to lose control whenever he’s around. Even Sheils, the seemingly perfect self-confident girl that she is, can’t keep her mind off of him, despite her doting boyfriend and despite the fact that Pyke immediately starts dating Jocelyn, the school’s fastest runner who Sheils has always discounted as a nobody.

Pyke, hugely popular in a school whose motto is to embrace differences, is asked to join a band, and when his band plays at the Autumn Whirl dance, his preternatural shrieking music sends everyone into a literal frenzy. No one can remember what happened the next day, but Shiels learns that she danced far too long with Pyke, her nose has turned purple, and she may have done something with her boyfriend that she shouldn’t have. Who’s in control now?

Hilarious and relatable (despite the dinosaur), Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend is about a teen who must come to terms with not being in control of all things at all times, break free of her mundane life, discover who her true self is, and, oh, finding out that going primal isn’t always a bad thing


Personally, Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend has many unthinkable ideas that would never cross my mind and probably yours either.

Please note: this review will have small spoilers in because there is almost no way of describing the events without a few spoilers, so be warned, but nothing I say will ruin the book.

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend opens in the middle of the hustle and bustle of secondary school life, all seems normal until an abnormal crow like figure is spotted flying through the sky. Was this one of the unusual sightings of a pterodactyl, it was, without anybody knowing it was the first of many appearances of Pyke, the first inter-species transfer at Sheils’ normal high school, a captivating and mesmerizing 18-year-old teenage boy/pterodactyl. His abnormal features mixed with crow like limbs somehow cause every women of any age cause them to instantly fall in love with him, not only in the school but the whole town included.

Hot Pterodactyl Boyfriend doesn’t hesitate on going into great deal about how Pyke’s God like stature and how ‘sexy’ this creature is when the next minute he had wings, claws and a beak! The whole plot focuses on giving the inhuman character, Pyke, huge amounts of sex appeal, making me feel very distant from the characters, it also prevented me from fully connecting to the storyline. I just end up constantly looking at the creature on the front cover and wondering why on earth can you be in love with a bird.

The self-assured, strong-minded student body president, Shiels, becomes overly obsessed with Pyke just like everyone else. Sheldon, Shiels’ boyfriend has had enough, he can’t handle it anymore. He finally realised that every woman is throwing themselves at Pyke but he can’t understand why. Pyke becomes the ‘cool kid’, the stereotypical jock – but does his aggression get too much to handle on the field?

The school holds a ‘meet and great’ so people can become more comfortable around Pyke and understand that he is just like them, because after all he may have become popular but nobody will ever be able to get used to a different species by just pacing him on their way to class. This meet and greet goes over very well and people love Pyke more than they did before. Unfortunately, right after this meet and great, let’s just say not many people’s worries of his strength might have come true. What do happen caused Pyke to be arrested and this resulted in everyone coming together to get him bailed out.

There are many twists and turns Pyke and Shiels face in the narrative but the main one is Shiels  mum, after she comes into contact with Pyke, for the first time. There are many other difficulties that the pair face such as Pyke’s ex, Jocelyne.

There is a huge plot twist right at the end but there is no way I can explain it to you without reading the whole book so I will just say that it results in many noses turning purple.!!!!

Personally, I would not recommend this book. I just do not understand the concept, there is no real conclusion. In my opinion books should at least concluded or finish by explaining. I have read many books were they end on a cliff hanger to get you to think for yourself but this book just feels like someone has ripped it in half because it was too long . The book should be actually solving things.

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