Review: Things Liars Fake by Sara Ney

Title: Things Liars Fake
Series: #ThreeLittleLiars #3
Author: Sara Ney
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 2016
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

What if…

Someone you barely knew asked you for a favor.

What if…

They needed you to be something you weren’t, in exchange for nothing. Unless you count a mouth full of lies and a half-broken heart. Faker. Pretender. Liar. There are worse things to be called.

So would you do it? Would you?

Daphne Winthrop did.

And you’re about to find out what happens in the end.

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Things Liars Fake is totally nerd-alicious, featuring friends of Tabitha and Collin from Things Liars Hide.

Daphne and Dexter on the surface appear to be complete opposites, Daphne is outgoing, sociable and stunning while Dexter is introverted, a loner but still stunning even though he doesn’t see it himself. I love how Sara flips the stereotypes with this series, making the guys insecure about their physical appearance while the girls are quietly confident in their allure.

Dexter completely embraces his nerd-like qualities from the way he dresses to his obsession with all things sci-fi. While Daphne’s personality hides her inner sci-fi geek. Seriously you couldn’t get two people more perfect for each other but wouldn’t have put together without getting to know them on a deeper level.

What starts out as a fake date to appease Dexter’s nosy family quickly transforms into a real relationship with a little help from Dexter’s meddling twin sisters. Although Daphne has to battle against Dexter’s insecurities, their relationship quickly develops strong bonds between the couple and the type of passion people only dream of.

Things Liars Fake brings all of the characters in this mini series to a fantastic conclusion – true love really does exist, you’ll find it when you least expect it and in the most unlikely of places ♥

Author: Book Angel

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