Review: One Night by Aleatha Romig

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Title: One Night
Series: Lighter Ones
Author: Aleatha Romig
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 5 Sept 2017
Rating: 4/5

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Synopsis from Goodreads

One night to remember.

Is that too much to desire?

One night for fun, passion, and a chance to remember what it’s like to be woman.
I’m not looking for love.
There’s a man in my life who loves me with all his heart. He has beautiful blue eyes, is three foot tall, and calls me mommy.
He’s my whole world and I’m his. Fate took away his daddy.
What would happen if I allowed fate another chance, one night?

One night to help a friend.

Why did I agree to this?
Blind dates are disasters. If I weren’t helping the friend of a friend, I wouldn’t go.
I’m not looking for romance, love or even a one night stand.
After all, the man my friend knew is gone. I’m no longer the hockey star known for his “pep” on the ice and in the sack. I have a new life, and a new career—a new passion. I’m not looking for more.
When the blind date is a bust, could fate change everything?

A night doesn’t end with a kiss. It begins with one.

Be ready to laugh, cry, and fall head over heels as you let Leatha, the lighter side of Aleatha, take you away with this sweet, sexy, new, stand-alone romance, ONE NIGHT, the perfect reading to keep you warm…hot…steamy…on a cool night.

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One Night is a total swoon-fest that will have you believing in fate and soul-mates, guaranteed to keep you warm as the outside temperature drops.

Do you believe in soul-mates? Do you think there is only one person for each individual or that there may be more than one perfect fit? What would you do if your the person you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with is abruptly taken away from you? Would you close yourself off to ever experiencing that kind of connection again?

These are all questions Amanda has to face when she becomes a widow at a very young age after losing her first love in his final tour of duty. Amanda doesn’t only have herself to think about but she is left with a tiny baby boy to take care of. Barricading herself in her grief, Amanda loses parts of her identity in her role as mother. While she is content with her life, her family and friends notice the lack of fun in Amanda’s life. Staging an intervention of sorts by sending Amanda on a blind date.

However, things do not go according to plan, instead of meeting her blind date, Amanda finds a handsome, charming man, Malcolm, in the same predicament as herself. Things between Malcolm and Amanda simply click on all levels, plus the chemistry between the pair is insane. Agreeing to spend one night together to make the most of the opportunity they have been given.

Malcolm has recently switched career and moved to the area after spending years as a professional sports person. He is a one-in-a-million guy, handsome, charming, kind, generous and with a heart of gold. I want one.

It is pretty obvious to the outside observer the course of the plot, but it really was wondrous to watch the way fate stepped in to continually throw Amanda and Malcolm together. Providing opportunities for one more night – and one more night – and one more night.

The undefined relationship between Amanda and Malcolm progressed so naturally that Amanda’s misgivings are unable to take control. By taking the situation one day (or night) at a time there is no room for doubts or insecurities to take root, although Amanda still struggles with the idea of introducing her son to Malcolm. In a surprising turn of events, destiny takes care of that little problem for Amanda just as she is regaining her identity as a woman not just as a mother.

I do love the idea of fate/destiny and sou-mates – SWOON.

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