Review: Jilted by Sawyer Bennett

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Title: Jilted
Series: Love Hurts #2
Author: Sawyer Bennett
Publisher: Loveswept
Publication Date: 11 July 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

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Synopsis from Goodreads

Eden Goodnight went to Los Angeles to make it big, not to be publicly humiliated by her cheating fiancé at a red-carpet premiere. But when Eden returns to her hometown to put the scandal behind her, she can barely find a sympathetic shoulder to cry on. Turns out the locals are worse than the paparazzi, and they all think she’s turned into a spoiled brat. But in a strange twist of fate, the one person who seems to understand what Eden’s going through is Cooper Mayfield . . . the boy she left behind.

Small-town charm is no match for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. At least that’s what Coop’s been telling himself all these years. As Eden’s old flame—and the landscaper for her family’s historic home—Coop feels some responsibility for getting her out of her funk. But as soon as he sees that million-dollar smile, he’s a goner. Soon they’re making out like teenagers again. But when a life-changing role falls into Eden’s lap, Coop just hopes she doesn’t give up on a love that’s meant to be.

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Eden and Cooper (Coop) were high school sweethearts who had planned on forever together even attending the same college. That is until Eden gets scouted by a modelling agency turning her world upside down and in the process putting strain on her relationship with Coop due to her hectic schedule and globe trotting. Unable to endure their prolonged separation Coop makes Eden choose between her burgeoning career and her relationship with him 🙁 Their lack of life experience showing in their lack of compromise. Eden’s only tie to her youth is Coop so to deny her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity would leave her with nothing other than Coop and the possibility of resenting their relationship further down the line. Rather than risk irreparable damaging the bond between them, Eden opts to pursue her career breaking both their hearts in the process.

Eden has been very successful professionally in the the time since her break-up with Coop, her personal life has been less than fulfilling. Leading Eden to settle for a man she knows she doesn’t truly love in an attempt to fill the deep loneliness that follows her. Only to discover in the most public of ways that her fiance is nothing more than cheating scum.

My heart hurt for Eden, losing her parents at a young age only to be ‘looked after’ by an emotionally unavailable Grandmother left Eden with a large void in her life and the knowledge that she could only truly rely on herself. The only time the gap was filled was her time with Coop. Eden has had no-one in the interim period with which to share her triumphs or losses, friends are hard to make in her line of business and hectic timetable. Craving a reprieve from the harsh public backlash, Eden heads to her childhood home. Unfortunately, the welcome back she was expecting isn’t at all what she receives due to an incident Eden is unaware of but vilified for.

A number of changes have occurred in the time Eden has been away, most notable is that Coop is now co-owner of her childhood home. Forced to spend time together serves to re-ignite the spark that always burned brightly between them. However, Coop holds onto his resentment due to the aforementioned incident to later be slapped in the face with the truth 😛

It is obvious Eden and Coop belong together, aside from the passion they share is the type of connection enviable to outside observers. However, nothing has changed with regard to the forces that drove them apart in the first place; Eden still travels a great deal of the time while Coop has roots deep in their hometown. Has time matured them into finding a compromise so true love can win!!! Especially as Coop seems determined to keep his emotionally barriers firmly in place rather than risk his heart again. I loved watching the transformation Coop undergoes as the truth of his emotions finally breaks through his thick skull ♥

My only niggle with Jilted is seeing the characters with other people and knowing the details of these other escapades. While it did add to the story as a whole I would have preferred not to know the details.

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