Review: The Wright Boss by KA Linde

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Title: The Wright Boss
Author: KA Linde
Publisher: Self Published
Publication Date: 16 May 2017
Source: Review Copy
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

I’ve always had one rule:

Don’t mix business and pleasure.

But then Landon Wright comes home to his family’s construction company with a broken back and a beaten heart and ends up as my new sexy boss. As the office gets heated, I’m thinking about throwing the rulebook out the window.

If only there weren’t a million reasons this could never work.

We may have shared a single perfect kiss, but I can’t let our intense connection cloud my judgment. Not with everything I’ve worked for on the line.

Dating your boss is so very, very wrong…even if he feels so Wright.

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I’ve got to be honest Landon and Heidi are in a totally fluffed up situation. Not only is Landon Emery’s (The Wright Brother) ex-boyfriend and Heidi her best friend but they have to contend with Landon’s evil soon-to-be Ex and the fact that Landon is now Heidi’s boss.

Landon and Heidi have fought their feelings for each other as Landon’s marriage imploded through no fault of his own, apart from the fact that he was blind to Miranda’s manipulations since the start of their relationship. With the wheels in motion for his divorce, Landon is determined to make Heidi his.

Heidi has her own issues which she carefully keeps hidden. Working in a male dominated environment in a career she adores makes her even more hesitant to embark on a relationship with her boss. Although I don’t think patience is a virtue Heidi and Landon possess when it comes to each other.

Landon is utterly adorable, he wears his heart on his sleeve, falling hard and fast for Heidi and knowing that this time is forever. They both crave a family of their own, both carrying scars from their own upbringing leaving them determined to make their relationship work against the odds.

Although the relationship between Landon and Heidi should be a little strange to the Wright family and Emery, they are nothing but supportive of them being together and endeavour to provide the best solution for all of them to their current predicament.

There is a lot going on in the plot of The Wright Boss where Landon and Heidi are forced to confront their barriers while dealing with obstacles beyond their control. Vengeful ex’s, misogynistic work colleagues and how events shape your identity are all touched upon within the narrative.

Landon is certainly the right Wright for Heidi, they were inevitable.

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