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Title: Body Shot
Series: Last Shot #1
Author: Kelly Jamieson
Publisher: Loveswept
Publication Date:
Source: Bought
Rating: 4/5

Synopsis from Goodreads

Former Navy SEAL Beck Whitcomb left a world of privilege to prove he could make his own way. Money, mansions, expensive cars—none of it could heal the loss of his older brother, or buy his parents’ love. Now, after using his trust fund to open the Conquistadors tequila bar with his brothers-in-arms, Beck has it all: good friends, fine liquor, and hot hookups. When it comes to women, commitment’s not his thing—until he gets a taste of the pretty professor who walks into his bar . . . and winds up in his bed.

Hayden Miles knows all too well that emotional decisions can lead to heartbreak, and nothing screams “bad decision” like a playboy bartender with inked biceps and a wicked smile. Still, their chemistry is off-the-charts explosive—and Hayden knows her chemistry. For once, this good girl longs to let loose. But is she willing to risk the pain to quench her thirst? With the promise of more on the table, Hayden’s eager to believe . . . before she misses her shot.


What happens when a nerdy biochemist professor researcher goes to a tequila bar and meets a devilishly handsome bartender – a very explosive chemical reaction 😉

Hayden has devoted herself to her long term career goals, especially since losing both of her parents to cancer. Although she is missing out on her own life as a result; Hayden has absolutely no life to work balance, something her best friend, Carrie, is concerned about on Hayden’s behalf.

Beck is running a tequila bar with his best friends, all of which are former Navy SEALS. Beck is a man of hidden depths and more than a few carefully crafted avoidance techniques. Carrying the burden of lack of family affection resulted in Beck avoiding relationships and embracing the no-strings-attached encounters.

Both Hayden and Beck insist that they don’t have time or the inclination for a relationship yet their connection is addictive and quickly morphs into more.

Although they both hold themselves back from embracing the feelings they have for each other. Beck and Hayden balance each other beautifully; Beck draws Hayden out of her shell while Hayden gives Beck the comfort he has been missing for most of his life. The intense passion between then also adds to their connection.

When things get tough Beck and Hayden have to confront their fears of making themselves vulnerable to each other. I especially liked how Hayden dealt with her emotional barriers.

Body Shot is a feel good romance with heart, heat, family and friendship.

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