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Book Angel Booktopia is delighted to welcome Aurelia to the blog today to share with you the drool worthy crushes she has had on fictional characters, oh boy are they drool worthy. ENJOY 😉

Image from Goodreads
Image from Goodreads

Hi, it’s lovely to be here!

When I was faced with the question about my first fictional crush, I just knew my guilty little secret was about to come out. You see, I’m an out and out Disney fan and I don’t just mean the animated versions. This healthy interest (aka guilty pleasure) no doubt has an impact on the heroes I write, as these fictional characters and their traits always come to mind.

So…are you ready?

Here we go!

Troy Bolton (High School Musical 3)



Oh my goodness do I have it bad for Troy Bolton, with HSM 3 being one of my all-time favourite films. It also unleashed my crush on Zac Efron to the point I follow him on Facebook and Twitter and regularly share pictures of him on my timeline.

Yeah, I know! *blush*

Josh Framm (Air Bud)


If you haven’t seen the Air Bud films, you are seriously missing out! Through these films, we watched this character grow and mature into a very nice guy indeed, and his relationship with his sister makes me swoon. Yeah, I said it. So what? 😉

Travis Brody (Hannah Montana the Movie)


Are you seeing a pattern yet? Yup, here’s another Disney clean-cut all-American nice guy 😉

Josh Lucas (Clueless)


A bit of an older one this time, but as I wrote Popping the Cherry I found myself thinking of Josh and his relationship with Cher. And hey, they make a really cute couple.

Xander Harris (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)


So yeah, by now you’ve figured out that I really dig the ‘nice’ guys. Don’t get me wrong, I get the appeal of the bad guy but would I actually want to date him? No thanks. A quick fling would do (Spike anyone?!) but then back to the guy who most likely offers the best of both worlds given the chance.

Edward Cullen & Jacob Black (Twilight Saga)


This one doesn’t really need an explanation does it? Sure I was rooting for Edward, but I am thrilled that it worked out for Jake too.

Michael Carrington (Grease 2)


Okay, I’m really showing my age now but Michael Carrington (aka Cool Rider) was probably *that* first major crush of mine. The seed was sown that there may be more than meets the eye, and that the clean-cut ‘nice’ guy isn’t always exactly what he seems. The best of both worlds became a distinct possibility.


So who do you go gaga over? Is there a pattern, or do you have more of a mix-up? Or maybe you’re a Disney hero groupie too?


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Aurelia B. Rowl lives on the edge of the Peak District with her very understanding husband, their two fantastic children, and their mad rescue mutt who doesn’t mind being used as a sounding post and source of inspiration. She regularly wows them all with her curious, hastily thrown together meals when she gets too caught up with her latest writing project… or five!… and she has developed the fine art of ignoring the housework.

Aurelia writes Young Adult/New Adult crossover fiction and contemporary romance. She is currently busy writing the standalone companion novels to both Popping the Cherry and Christmas is Cancelled.

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