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I had this whole intellectual post planned giving an explanation behind the phenomenon that is New Adult. Unfortunately and as per usual I’ve put it off and put it off because I wanted it to be really clever 😉 And now there are New Adult posts EVERYWHERE lol.

So instead of pretending to be clever  :Tounge-Out: I’m just going to tell you how I feel about New Adult and where I think it fits into the scheme of things. Sound good??

I have read quite a few New Adult books over the last couple of months, contemporary romance, paranormal romance, hot romance. So you can see the pattern, it’s all about the ROMANCE. I don’t read ADULT books as I find they are slower paced and the storyline tends to go off at a tangent. OK so this may have something to do with having the attention span of a goldfish but I need a story that is going to hold my attention. New Adult delivers in spades. The protagonists are well developed and even if they have ‘issues’ they are portrayed with a sense of hope. The character development plays a huge part in New Adult stories and it is one thing I love in any book is seeing a character thrive, develop and grow.

As I stated previously the main thing for me is the ROMANCE. After everything I’ve been through the last few years I am still a hopeless romantic at heart, but not for the sickening sweet stuff, oh no, I like the gritty stuff and the soul-mate connection where two people undeniably belong together. New Adult provides me with this along with the bad boy with a heart of gold, rock stars galore and the drool worthy music in the narrative. Everything I love in one very HOT package. I am not going to beat around the bush as New Adult is hot and steamy, I never ever thought I would read things so explicit but you live and learn lol. There is a very fine line between New Adult, Adult and Erotica but there is a line.

I’m under no illusions that New Adult is going to get its own section in a library or book store because it isn’t. It’s more than likely going to be clumped with either Adult or Erotic fiction. However, it is slightly different because its still dealing with growing up and new experiences which neither of the other categories do.

Personally I like have things broken down into little categories and sub-sections but I am aware that not everyone likes so many different classifications, librarians included.

But like it or not New Adult is the new buzz word in fiction and I am of the opinion that if it gets people reading then I am one very happy Book Angel  :Angel:

I remember reading things like Jackie Collins and Shirley Conran when I was a teenager. While still being steamy I don’t think they provided women with very good role models, the protagonists in New Adult fiction are far stronger personalities and in some cases inspiring for the odds they have to overcome. While I wouldn’t recommend New Adult fiction to the age range I deal with in the library, I have been approached by older girls to give them recommendations, I make sure they are allowed to read explicit content before giving any recommendations but am so pleased they are reading (in most cases devouring) the books and coming back for further suggestions.

Whether you love or hate the classification that these books have been given, it is here to stay and I for one am very very very glad. I’m off to find the next hot rock god for my collection 😉

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  1. I didn’t realise they were so full of sex just thought “new adult” was aimed at the older end of the YA spectrum. The age where I mostly read chick-lit having grown up in a time when you went from kids books to grown up books. I probably won’t use the term, I think it’s unnecessary; there are so many better ways of describign what a book is like. But if it sells, I’m sure we’ll be seeing “new adult” touted everywhere.

  2. Like most things in the booky world, me and you are SOUL SISTERS when it comes to New Adult 😉 I hope you check out my Letterbox Love posts for books you might not have heard of 😉

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