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I am thrilled to welcome Ann to Book Angel Booktopia today. I loved Broken and Ann is so lovely I am having a gush fest lol. Over to Ann:

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My favorite songs to write to.

First, thanks so much for having me on your blog!

It’s probably not a secret any longer that I’m a creature of habit when writing. A mug of tea, a sweet-salty snack are a must. But more important than either of those? Music. I absolutely need music in my writing atmosphere. It’s the auditory backdrop, it’s the filter that fuzzes the world’s edges and allows me to slip deeper into the story.
Sometimes the music is romantic rock like Plan Three, or progressive artsy like The Spill Canvas, to the pump-it-up, tear-it-down tunes of groups like Adelitas Way, Cavo, or Ten Years. Shinedown and Nickelback find their way into almost every single playlist.

For me, every story has its own voice, so I tailor playlists to each book. Depending on what I’m writing and when, my musical moods swing wildly. With the book I’m working on now, things never really gelled until I found the right music. One YA book I swear was a split personality, switching from dancehouse like Cobra Starship to Godsmack. Broken’s playlist was more even-keeled, tending toward moody and romantic, with a couple tunes characterizing certain scenes, and one favorite song that I use like a writing tool.

For the fight scenes (Go, Alex!!) I used Sick by Adelitas Way. It’s my absolute favorite song to play when writing fight scenes. It’s hard-hitting, the lead singer sounds all growly and angry. For me, it’s ideal.

When it comes to dance scenes I have two favorites, depending on the kind of dancing going on. With Broken it was supposed to be a romantic dance scene, so I went with my default romancey song Good to You, by Marianas Trench.

The words, the concept conveyed, was the musical mirror image of that scene for me. (I would like to thank Jessica Souders, author of Renegade for turning me onto this song!) However, if the dancing is…hotter…I prefer to use Depeche Mode’s Corrupt. The music has a slinkier quality, also a little edgier lyric-ise, better for characters with a different kind of relationship than Alex and Emma. I listened to Corrupt while writing a dance scene in a manuscript currently on my editor’s desk.

One last favorite song to share. Perfect, by Burn Season. This one is for those special scenes, and typifies Alex’s feelings while I played that song on repeat and wrote an entire chapter. Find it, listen to it when reading Chapter Twenty-Eight and I think you’ll see why… (Yes, I know… Teaser ~_^)

Thanks again for having me here!

I have just added loads of music to my spotify play-lists – thanks for sharing. You can follow Ann on Spotify HERE

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