Thursday Tunes: Guest Post: Musical Moments by Laura aka SisterSpooky Part 1

Asamum Booktopia is honoured to welcome Laura aka SisterSpooky to Musical Moments, Laura has fantastic music tastes, so much so that I have had to split her post into 2 parts [ : D ]
I love a good list and I love making music play-lists too. I’m a bit addicted to making play-lists for books while I read them, fan mixes for my favourite TV shows and just general play-lists that suit different moods or eras. I live by list making and Post-it notes are my favourite thing in the world because they double up as instant bookmarks!
So when I was so kindly asked if I wanted to make a post about a ‘Soundtrack of my Life’ I was already shuffling my Music player and flipping around my vinyl’s to make my selections. First off it’s really really hard to do but I’ve picked some songs I just love, some that remind me of times in my life or people and others just because they need to be seen and recommended! There isn’t a real order but these are just the few I would say define me and my musical tastes.
I’m a DIE-HARD MCR fan. Like the kind of fan that camps out at the venue and “sleeps” in the rain to be at the barrier and then waits after to try and meet them…..again. This is my favourite track I would say. I even have a tattoo featuring the lyrics. It’s about taking the negative and using it to make positives. Go buy their albums and see them live; it will change your life. I love all their records but also see Honey, This mirror ain’t big enough for the two of us, It’s not a fashion statement, I’m not okay, Na Na Na, Destroya, Planetary (go!), Sleep and Mama (or just go buy their entire back catalogue!)

I grew up listening to Queen when all the other little girls had Boyzone posters on their walls and I can still remember driving around with my dad and brother with this song playing at max volume and the windows steaming up because we were bouncing around in the back seats. Classic also see Going to California –Led Zeppelin. Another band that I can credit my dad with introducing me it.

Such a good band and this is an amazingly beautiful song. Just the vocals and a piano. Kind of a sad reason but it was one of my dad’s fav songs and the one I picked to have at his funeral. It’s all about remembering the past, living in the moment and the joy of the simple things. Another tattoo I have (seeing a theme right).
Great rock band with a great live show. Songs of my youth and an album I think I stole from my younger brother when his musical tastes shifted.
Band that makes me think about my best friend and college because she recommended the CD to me at the time and his vocals are so pure and tragic. Dashboard does songs will help you get over the bad times and bad break ups!
Ahh pop punk served me well in my teens and this is just the best song to play loud and jump around to for no reason other than to be happy and bouncy! See also The Rock Show- Blink 182 and Fat Lip –Sum 41
I love ‘Labyrinth’. It’s my favourite movie ever and this is on the soundtrack. David Bowie is just so cool but I still love him for this movie, the OST and being my first crush in that movie. Ha-ha.
Thank you for sharing this wonderful selection with us, Laura made me both laugh and cry through her post and the great thing is there is more to come.
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And I just had to include this photo of Laura’s incredible body art [ ; D ]

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